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Bass on grand piano

Lately I’ve been experimenting with a 2 piece band.  Grand piano/drums/vocals.

I’m using a Shure beta 52 over the piano bass strings heavily lowpassed at 200Hz and sidechain gated to one of 2 contact mics attached to the underside of the soundboard. I’m using C-Ducers.   They give me rich sound.  I’m also adding a stereo pair of Behringer C2’s for air.

Akai Sampler


After many years I am looking to reconnect with around 200 akai floppy disks and have questions if you can advise please.

is there a viable route to connect them  to iMac either with a sampler( sold years ago)?

Floppy disks:what is needed to read them and transfer to the iMac? Or what is needed for Sampler to iMac ?


Midas Venice 320 aux sends

I use monitor sends one and two for wedge monitors. Also auxiliary 1 and 2 for additional wedge monitors. I am wondering why the auxiliary sends have so much more gain than the monitor sends one and two. Both are pre fader. Can anyone help with this question. I've been turning the power amp down to compensate for the high output. Hopefully someone here can answer my question, thanks!

Splitting signal via splitter snake to two mixers

Good day. 

We are a small church community who are still hiring (unfortunately) a sound tech company for our live events. FOH sounds great. However, the livestream is rubbish. The supplier says "it's complicated" and it comes with a cost. Instead, our director purchased a Behringer Xair18 for us volunteers to use it specifically for livestream.