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I just recently bought an old Yamaha RM 2408 board that I just realized has all unbalanced outputs. I want to go to a patchbay from the board but I'm not sure if I should get tranformers for every output to switch to balanced or if it matters .

I'm eventually going into a digi 002.

There's also a patchbaybuilt into the board with Aux sends/returns and Inserts. All unbalanced.

I need to figure all this out before I go and plop down a bunch of cash on snakes and stuff.



Boswell Tue, 11/21/2006 - 05:03

I would go for a balanced patchbay and cabling, but try a few channels first wired with TS jacks into the rear of the RM2408. Connect the -lead to sleeve (ground) at the jack and the + lead to the tip. If you get hum or ground noise problems with only a few channels wired this way, you may have to consider transformers or a bank of unbalanced-to-balanced drivers (DRV134-type).

Going for a balanced patchbay and cabling keeps your options open and is not wasted if you upgrade to a newer mixer with balanced outputs in the future.