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7 mic technique

How to get an indie-rock drum sound?

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Hi all,

I am gonna record an indie rock band soon and I am not sure how to mic the drum kit. I want the drums to sound like Franz Ferdinand, Interpol or The National.

I've read that the drums in Darts of Pleasure were recorded using only 4 mics, so I started experimenting with 4-mic techniques. Do you think this is the way to go or would you rather record the drums in the traditional way, close-micing every drum + 2 overheads?

Recording 7 mics at once to PC, how?

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I am new to the forums, and this seems like a patient community to ask some noob questions about. :p
What I have:
7 drum mics
Acid Pro 5
Sonar Home Studio
PC with fire wire and usb ports
Guitar and bass

What I am trying to do:
Record 7 mics from a drum set at once into digital audio for my computer so I can edit the seperate tracks in Acid or Sonar. As well as then recording synthesizer guitar or bass over the drum track.
My budget:
500.00 (about)