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Preamps & a/d converters

Hi i Just have two questions
I have a small studio setup mainly for recording vocals/acoustic guitar...

1. I have currently have a warm audio tone beast preamp and have seen a phoenix drs mark 2 stereo preamp selling for £1000 (half price as new model is coming out) ..I'm just wondering if theres much difference in quality between the two preamps ?

Preamp and A/D converter ideas


I have a question for you guys.
For our archive digitizing works, we are currently using a couple of Neve 1073DPD.
We will be needing 4 new channels, which would mean 2 other 1073 for around 5000$.
So I was wondering if you guys would have any ideas of some other gear that could do the trick for a little less money.
It could be an interface (all included), some other preamp+converter (standalone) or even preamps and converters (separately).

Focusrite ISA TWO, Signal calibration with A/D

Hi there,

Got time to make a few tests with my brand new ISA Two.
I adjusted my Delta 44 à +4db and tried to calibrate the output of the ISA to match the signal input in my computer without any luck. It seems the signal of the ISA is too for +4db to be equal unless I adjust the audio interface further. At +4db, for a signal of -9db on my DAW, the ISA shows -18db or less... (with the led calibration at maximum on the ISA)

Questions :
- if I run a hotter signal through the ISA and lower the converter input will the sound quality change ?

good multi-channel A/D converters?


I have been using the converters that come standard with my HD24 (I typically run 44.1k, using an external clock) for some time. No real complaints, but I am thinking of upgrading my converters.

I am looking for a single space unit (yes, this is a remote rig) that will do 16 or even 24 ch AD. Eight channels won't do it, as I typically run between 8 and 16 channels.

Best A/D Converter, and Why?

Hello everyone, I am trying to collect some thoughts on what you think about DAW Converters? Please list your top 3 Converters and if you haven't worked with that many then what are you using. Here are my top 3 in respective favorite order:

1. SSL alpha link via Madi - This converter truly captures and converts all frequencies. The digital harshness is non existent. The low ends are true. Very easy to use with the internal matrix software. SSL has great customer service.

Need Recommendation: Replacement For Tango 24 (8x8 A/D D/A converter)

Crappity crap, crap crap.

For the last time, my Frontier Tango 24 has over-heated. I can't complain--it's worked fine as a front end for my RME card for 10 years. But as the years have gone by it's now happening every few months.

So... to refresh, it's 24 bit/48khz. 8 in A/D and 8 out D/A. Selectable +10/-4 on each channel. Word clock sync. That's about it.

I don't need preamps (in fact, I just need line-ins for my better pres). 96k is optional.

Using Alesis' HD24 as an A/D converter

Hi folks!

Is it possible to use the HD24 just as an A/D converter and feed those optical signals into some kind of ADAT2FireWire-interface that is connected to a computer? Or will the HD24's ADAT outputs only deliver a signal when the respective track is in playback (playing back recorded stuff from the harddisk) mode?

If this is possible what kind of ADAT2FireWire interface would you recommend? I'm looking for a 'box' that just converts from ADAT to FireWire. It doesn't have to comprise A/D or D/A converters and stuff on board.

Do i need a preamp with A/D conversion?

I'm going to be buying my first pre-amp.

After a lot of researching, i think I'm going to buy the PreSonus Digimax D8


I have an M-audio Fast track ultra. It does not have ADAT/lightpipe. So i would connect the two units with TRS cables.

So my questions are this:

Facts on A/D and D/A conversion

I just need to make some things clear for me.
I am about to upgrade my recording studio and need to know the following before choosing equipments to buy with a limited budget:

Could I add an external D/A like the PreSonus central station to a 003 rack and use the A/D of the 003?

Is the RME ADI-2 a good option to record 2 channels at the same time and have good conversion back to analog?


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