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Recording parallel with ADAT HD24 and RME UFX

Hi friends,

there is a problem:

I own an ADAT HD24 and an RME UFX.

Now I would like to record more than 24 or 30 tracks simultaneously.

After recording I use Pro Tools for mixing all tracks

How I synchronize these two devices in such a way, that I haven't timing problems in the postproduction or mixing.

Alesis ADAT HD24 FTP and Write Protection Override

Hey guys,
been a long time! I'm currently working a gig as a second sound engineer on a cruise ship. With this setup in the theatre we use an Alesis ADAT HD24 to run production shows, as well as to record 'sick' tracks for singers, or if an act wants we can route from the (dated) Yamaha DM2000 console to the HD24.

Mackie 24 8 and the Alesis ADAT HD24!

i know that you can hook these two up with the direct outs and the input B. But my question is how do u edit the mix with the mixer using B does it re record it or what it confuses me. the reason I'm asking is because I'm planing on purchasing these two very shortly. If thats not the best way to go do u have any suggestions.

Alesis - ADAT HD-24 live recording?


I'm interested in live recording, and the first to came to my mind was to buy
a multitrack recorder that can give you the option to record simultaniously at least 20 tracks.

my idea its to record it completely raw and then load it in my home studio trough my preamp and then to the desktop 8 ch at a time.