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As well as a new mobo from Asus...
The P4B533! Yeehaw! Man, true 533FSB! Oh well! Time to think about selling my ANUS for the ANUS Jr system! lmao!

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Opus2000 Wed, 05/22/2002 - 15:26

Ahh..excellent question there grasshopper! lol
Basically the 533FSB is solid..and you can OC it to get even more bandwidth! Woohoo!
You get a better constant rate now through the MCH ..basically this version helps free up more PCI bandwidth which is a huge gain!!
higher speed processor support as well....

anonymous Wed, 05/22/2002 - 18:21

AAAHHH, So more lanes on the freeway...

If i use this board with a p4 1.6a ghz which i already have, would that work for me? (would this use the full 400 mhz system bus that the 1.6a has?)

Also what type of memory would i use. i was about to get mushkin pc2100 512mb hi perf 2-2-2. is that also a good choice for this board or can i do better?

Thanks to opus and all the other knowledgeable people here.

SonOfSmawg Wed, 05/22/2002 - 20:08

I just found this, that you all might like to read... P4B533-E Review
Page 2 will answer your question about the memory. I found page 11 to be interesting.
In about a year, things are going to get very interesting in the field of digital audio recording. With the speed of memory, CPUs, and FSBs climbing, host-based systems will finally be coming into their own. If the companies that make theplug-insare ready for it, the sky's the limit.

anonymous Thu, 05/23/2002 - 08:27

""Intel's 845-E does not officially support DDR-333. In fact, Asus does not even supply the correct divisors in the BIOS if you wanted to run DDR-333 on this motherboard. While DDR-333 memory works fine in this motherboard, apparently Intel is not ready to state their name saying that DDR-333 is fully verified. For the record, we have gotten our memory up to 333 MHz on this board with a bit of overclocking.""

Are they saying that we can run ddr-333 on this board???

Opus2000 Thu, 05/23/2002 - 14:36

If the motherboard specs show that it supports it than you can...otherwise will not support you really think that there will be an Intel 845E based board at that fair that quickly? I would be truly amazed if it was. fair? cheap prices? that car to get there...I'm itching to buy this new system too...
gosh dang it...
let me know if you find one...I'll give you my cell phone number and you can call me from there with live update reports of what's available!!! lmao
Opus :D

Opus2000 Thu, 05/23/2002 - 18:35

Ok...if you read the article SOS linked up above you will see that they say they have gotten their memory to run at 333...doesn't say they used 333 DDR...They basically OC'd it to get it there...yes, that is feasible.
Intel and Asus both saying they don't support 333 is for a reason I am sure...OC'ing reasons. If you try and OC a 333 DDR chip over it's rated speed would probably cause it to melt!! lol
266 can be OC'd because it can match the 333 with ease. are not currently setup to recieve private messages....besides..I'm curious but not serious about getting that board just yet.
Prices for the P4B266 will go down because of this new board and it runs just fine!