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audix d6

The Audix D6 v AKG D112

Hey all,

I have noticed when comparing 2 kick drum mics, the D112 and the D6 that they sound verry different. But not only do they sound different (which was expected), but they differ greatly in sensitivity. The D6 when set to the same gain settings as the D112 is around 12-15dB quieter. Is there something wrong with my mic? has anyone else noticed this difference? The signal from the D6 sounds clean which leads me to suspect that its probably just the way the mic is.

Anyone try Audix D6 on bass cab?

Just curious if anyone else has tried an Audix D6 on a bass cab yet. I bought one awhile ago for my drums but we were tracking bass, so I threw it up on a 4x10 cabinet and man... I thought it was really nice! It blew away the D4 I was using, at least in my opinion.

I'm not the most experienced guy here for sure, so I'm just wondering what other peoples thoughts were on it if they've mic'ed a bass cabinet with it.


Sell my Beta52a to buy an Audix D6?

I don't really like my Beta52a that much. I've tried every last bass drum...tuned, un-tuned, DW, Tama, Pearl. everything I can get my hands on and I can't get a decent kick drum sound coming into the board. My room live room and control room are both decent, my monitors are good, I think I can finally blame it on the mic or the pre's. Everything other than my kicks sound at least decent.

Should I sell my Beta52 for an Audix D6 or an AKG D112? I don't have any experience with either mic.

Audix D6 - Any thoughts?

Anyone have experience with this mic for the kick drum?

The workhorse here has been a Shure Beta 52 which is awesome if you work for a while finding the sweet spot. I've used AKG D112's in the past - really classic mic but just want something different.

Thumbs up or thumbs down on the Audix D6? Sounds great from what I've read but would like some real testimony too.


Kick mic choice?

I'm currently deciding on either buying a RE-20, SM7,AE2500, or a D6. I've used every mic (and some I left out such as a D112 which I hate the sound of) I listed except for the AE2500 which is a new mic AT made which is a dynamic and a condenser mic housed in one body as a daul element kick drum mic. Has anyone used this mic yet and what was your response.



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