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Recording a bagpipe band

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5 years 2 months
I am a new member to this forum. Thank you for being here. :)

I am a member of a bagpipe band near Philadelphia PA. I have played the pipes for 40+ years. We are working on a CD. I read a post about a single piper trying to record music. You were all so helpful I figured I might try. I will gladly include your credits in the final product if you like.

Bagpipe player wanted

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7 years 2 months
Looking for someone to record two bagpipe phrases for a song of mine.
I just read a thread about bagpipe recording so maybe this is the right place to look, as I don't know anyone who plays or even have one.
In exchange I can mix, compose, track guitars, bass, keys, etc for you. if anything fails, i'm willing to pay for your service

Recording Bagpipes

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7 years 4 months

I'm new to the forum, and relatively new to the recording side of music. I came to it via recording the band I play in in my basement, as a lot of people have. One of my first paid gigs will be an interesting one - a local bagpipe band has asked me to record a solo piper. They're going to use the recording mainly for practice purposes so I might be overthinking this, but I'd like to deliver something that sounds as good as possible (all joking about bagpipes aside).