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Bass Trap

Bass Trap - A low frequency absorber. Low frequencies are particularly difficult to absorb due to their long wavelengths. Bass traps are designed and constructed to absorb these longer Wavesand control unwanted room resonances. Broadband absorbers extending to lower frequencies are often called Bass Traps, imprecisely.

GIK Acoustics Monster Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology (How to?)

Hi Folks. Does anyone know what materials they are using to build these panels and how they are constructed? To me it looks like they are using some kind of vinyl material for the membrane. I would order from them and do my whole studio space, but I'm located in Canada and the currency exchange on top of shipping and duty fees will really kill the wallet for no good reason.

RatRig Hardware - DIY Acoustic Kits - Absorption Panels and Bass Traps

Hi Guys,
RatRig Hardware is a DIY Hardware company based in Europe - Portugal. We develop and sell various Audio and Video related DIY Hardware kits.

Our first Audio Related kits are Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps for studios, check them out here:


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