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Beginner Acoustic Mix Critique

Hi everyone! I'm a musician hoping to put together a YouTube / stream setup hopefully soon to get some income due to COVID. Problem is, I'm new at mixing & mastering so I really need help in this area.

Is this a good sound and loudness to aI'm for? If not, please let me know where I can improve on! Thanks and very much appreciated!

Beginner recording classical solo violin

Hello everyone,
I am totally new to audio recording and I am try to get into the subject. I will try to summarize all my struggles in a very simple way and hopefully get good advice on how to continue.

-What I need is to record classical violin solo pieces, both in recording sessions as in live performances (audio/video).
-Gears I have to use:
MICs: RODE NT55 matched pair on a stereo bar (cardioid and omni capsules available)
DAW: Studio One 3 Artist

Beginner looking to improve(critique needed)

This is my first, and hopefully one of many, posts here, so Hello Everyone.

So I decided to start a home studio about a year ago, and I really like it and I'm even considering to make it a full time job. The problem is, at this point I'm in no way good enough to actually pull that of. I spend tons of time trying to improve my self, and I do improve, but I find it really hard finding honest opinions on my mixes, and there is no "real education" on this topic in my area. I'm hoping you can help me better my self with a healthy dose of critique.

Beginner - what's my best recording setup?

Hi all,

I'm a photographer and more recently videographer who's just starting out recording audio and my mate picked up an old (mono, cellphone unshielded) Sony mzm 300 shotgun mic which I've adopted and been loving!

I don't have an audio capture device but I use it for interviews and other video editing plugged into my Nikon d800.

Sound beginner building a recording package, classical and jazz music

Greetings all.

As a photographer, filmmaker, lifelong audio enthusiast, and beginner sound recorder, I'm glad to have found this website to research, ask for, and perhaps sometime, offer advice for the art of recording.

My first post here I will keep as simple as possible for now. For the past year or so I've read a couple of books on audio recording, some articles here and there, flipped out while flipping through the pages of Sound on Sound magazine, etc, and am ready to jump into the process.

Absolute Beginner guide to recording instruments?

Hi! I have no idea if this is the right place for this, but my friends and I are in a band, and we want to start recording.

Now I have absolutely no idea how to go about doing this, and I would really appreciate if someone could help us out.
We have two guitars, a bass guitar, drums, and two vocals.

What would we need and what would we need to do to record all of us at once?

Thank you guys so much!

recording - Best beginner book?

hello my friends, just want to know what the best book would be, for a beginner whose starting from ground zero nd absolutely no knowledge of recording, would be to purchase to get some good knowledge like Recording/Mixing for dummies or something like that. I would hope it speaks "english" as far as terms n what not so i dont havta keep jumpin back n forth between a dictionary.

thanks guy!

Help pick beginner recording equipment

Just beginning to get into recording. Looking to record some of my own music.
Here's what I am working with:
PC running Windows 7 Home Premium
AMD Athlon II X2 215 processor 2.70 GHz 64-bit
8 GB RAM (can increase if significantly improves quality)

For DAW, I plan to use Audacity or LMMS for now.
Just need to pick the best audio interface I can get right now. Trying to decide myself, but would be helpful if those more knowledgeable in this stuff help me pick the best out of the bunch.

Beginner Questions about DAW

Greetings everyone,

I've been playing and recording piano improvisations for a while but it's always been amateurish. However, I would like to learn more about DAW and study how to compose structured piece using orchestral instruments (from libraries such as Garritan or EWQL). I first thought about starting with the software Finale 2011 but I play by ear only and I can't read sheet music (I never studied music theory).



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