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FX Bleed on A&H ZED10FX?

Please see and hear the attached files. I'm recording a guitar direct. The guitar channel is panned full right, so I expect to see/hear nothing happening on the left channel (the left channel has a backing track that comes in after the solo) But during the solo, what is the audio being heard? Does it have anything to do with the ZED's built in Reverb I'm using on the guitar?

Will acoustic panels eliminate bleed from speakers to microphone?


Working in a finished residential home basement shooting music instructional videos. I have a Shure SM58 on a mic stand just above the picture frame, aimed down at the teacher's mouth. I also need to have speakers on for the two musicians to hear their instruments (guitar and keyboard). I positioned the speakers on the floor pointing in the opposite direction of the video frame, i.e.

Stereo vs Mono Di ? Stereo bleeding ?

Hi gang,
I'm looking to step up the quality of Di I own and since like always I don't want to spend too much. I'm thinking of buying a stereo DI instead of 2 mono.
This could be the one I choose : Radial ProD2 Passive 2 Channel Direct Box
My concern is, could there be bleeding between the channels if I put 2 completely different sources instead of a stereo source ?

Hi-hat bleed (not samplers) is killing the drummer profession in the studio

Hi I work in a recording studio. Each time I record and mix a drum, I find myself spending more brain energy figuring out hout to make the drums sound as good as a sampler track without having too much hi-hat in the mix. This is sad.

My guitar tracks bleed into the Auxiliary (effect) track

Hi everyone, my guitar track bleeds into the Auxiliary (effect) track on Cubase.
I am using a Phonic Helix 18 Firewire into Cubase.
So essentially, track 1 and 2 (guitar tracks) bleed into my track 15 which happens to be the effect track which I am running vocals and reverb through.
I just want to monitor the guitars, not have them bleed into what I am recording.

Controlling Vocal bleeding


I sing in an Acapella group (4 guys) - NarrowWay. We are recording with an amateur friend but has a decent home studio. We are working on our second CD. I do all the editing. The biggest problem we face is that when trying to edit the individual tracks, sometimes there is so much bleed over from the other singers, its nearly impossible to edit!


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