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buying recording equipment

Recording gear help!

Hello, I am an aspiring audio engineer that has been mixing & recording for about 6 months. I only do Rap/Hip hop , I've been wanting to upgrade my current setup to something better. I currently own a Bluebird spark SL & a cheap $99 M-Audio interface. I want a little more of a professional, cleaner, & overall better sound, So I decided to create a interface chain instead of purchasing an interface alone. To start my chain I've decided to pick the Audio-Technica 4050 Microphone, because of the great reviews especially for rap vocals.

Advice buying recording studio equipment

How it going everyone? I’m new to the site and new to the subject as well...for a long time I’ve wanted to buy some monitors and get into mixing my own music and I wanted to create an album. I never went thourgh with it because I couldn’t afford it. I’m a little older now and can afford to buy the equipment of a studio and sound proof and treat a spare room I have. Thanks to the power of credit lol. Anyway this is a dream ive had for a long time and I don’t want to keep waiting to start practing mixing and recording vocals.

Desperately need help buying equipment/ recording solution!

Hey guys,

I need a portable easy to use (no laptop) setup that I can use to record classical performances... Mainly chamber music (2-4 instruments) primarily clarinet and piano.. no orchestras =).

I go to an arts academy and it is essential that I find some way to record myself.

I do not need super high end equipment either...

I was thinking minidisk player...but then there's the whole phantom power thing with mics.. A pair of mics for stereo recording would be very nice.

I'M a complete Noob! Embarrassed

Buying a cheap preamp, will I regret this?

i'm going to buy a preamp. a cheap one i might add.

so i'm going to choose between these:

studio projects vtb-1 (118€)
art tube mp studio (59€)
art tube mp studio v3 (88€)
samson c-valve (109€)
PreSonus tubepre (111€)
nobles premaster (instrument preamp) (68,50€)
sm pro audio tb101 (111€)
sm pro audio tb202 (155€)
and, yes, Behringer mic200 (59€)
(sorry for using the "b"ad word)

i know they're not the real thing, but i can't and won't spend more on it.



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