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Advice buying recording studio equipment

How it going everyone? I’m new to the site and new to the subject as well...for a long time I’ve wanted to buy some monitors and get into mixing my own music and I wanted to create an album. I never went thourgh with it because I couldn’t afford it. I’m a little older now and can afford to buy the equipment of a studio and sound proof and treat a spare room I have.

A case for not buying PreSonus

As the owner of a small commercial studio, reliability and return on investment are critical to me. We all know that full timers like me are in it for love, not money. I buy ‘A’ stock equipment and software from reliable dealers so I have the assurance of customer support. A failure in the middle of a session is an unrecoverable business loss to me and the artists I work with.

Have Pro Tools 6.9 considering buying Reason Essentials then Ugrade to Reason 6

I have Pro Tools 6.9 (big latency issues!) just checked out reason esentials, looks like a top daw for not much money and has line 6 stuff in there too for my guitars, I have a Korg Triton but considering buying either:

Oxygen 49 - 3rd Generation 49-Note USB Midi Keyboard or
Impulse 25 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

6k budget, need advice buying smart!

Need your input! Im looking for a little guidance/insight on how to upgrade my 'semi-pro setup' to 'all-Pro'. I've been recording clients for the past two years with this setup, and I've come a long way in skills, but its time to upgrade audio "quality", particularly with regards to conversion. I only use 8 microphone inputs at any one time.

What to look for when buying an electric mandolin?

Assuming I know nothing about mandolin's (not very hard) what do I look for when buying one? I like getting instruments from all of my travels, and the misses and I are going to paris and italy in a few weeks. We are looking to spend only a few hundred on this instrument. I was thinking an accordian at first, but those seem bulky and expensive. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!