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Advice buying recording studio equipment

How it going everyone? I’m new to the site and new to the subject as well...for a long time I’ve wanted to buy some monitors and get into mixing my own music and I wanted to create an album. I never went thourgh with it because I couldn’t afford it. I’m a little older now and can afford to buy the equipment of a studio and sound proof and treat a spare room I have. Thanks to the power of credit lol. Anyway this is a dream ive had for a long time and I don’t want to keep waiting to start practing mixing and recording vocals.

What's the point in buying WaveLab or other mastering software?

I used to own wavelab for mastering. Unfortunately it's not compatible with my new computer and I'm not shelling out $500 for an upgrade. I've been using Nuendo multi-track for mastering. Any of you do the same? Use your multitrack software for mastering?

A funny thing happened when buying a...

Wife and I went shopping on Monday. Just looking for a dining suite small enough to fit the terrace house we are renting. I walked in after she found one in a charity shop. In front of me was this!.

Lovely 1901 upright from Berlin, well kept too. Does need to be tuned up a tone and a bit.
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A case for not buying PreSonus

As the owner of a small commercial studio, reliability and return on investment are critical to me. We all know that full timers like me are in it for love, not money. I buy ‘A’ stock equipment and software from reliable dealers so I have the assurance of customer support. A failure in the middle of a session is an unrecoverable business loss to me and the artists I work with. An extended outage means I’m not working at all. My gear gets great care in a clean, humidity managed control room. I take care of it, and when I have a problem I expect reasonable customer service.

Have Pro Tools 6.9 considering buying Reason Essentials then Ugrade to Reason 6

I have Pro Tools 6.9 (big latency issues!) just checked out reason esentials, looks like a top daw for not much money and has line 6 stuff in there too for my guitars, I have a Korg Triton but considering buying either:

Oxygen 49 - 3rd Generation 49-Note USB Midi Keyboard or
Impulse 25 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

To control plugins, rack stuff and mixing and transport functions.

My question is will either of the above connect and automap to plugins, transport controls etc?

Thinking of buying a lunchbox

Hi all,

I'm looking to invest in some new gear with a budget of $3k max! I have little experience with outboard gear so bear with me on deciding
what I should buy. I have a custom win7 pc, krk vxt4's, Ableton suite 8, komplete 8, e-mu px-7, e-mu e5000, microKorg xl, novation remote sl & an at2035 mic.

I'm hoping some outboard gear will add some character to my sounds, I do electronic music. And I'm also looking to start recording vocals, and doing

6k budget, need advice buying smart!

Need your input! Im looking for a little guidance/insight on how to upgrade my 'semi-pro setup' to 'all-Pro'. I've been recording clients for the past two years with this setup, and I've come a long way in skills, but its time to upgrade audio "quality", particularly with regards to conversion. I only use 8 microphone inputs at any one time.

Currently have:

  • Digi Rack 002 (as Interface, preamps and A/D conversion)
  • (2x) M-Audio Audio Buddy mic preamps
  • Imac 27'' 2Ghz Dual Core 2 GB RAM,

What to look for when buying an electric mandolin?

Assuming I know nothing about mandolin's (not very hard) what do I look for when buying one? I like getting instruments from all of my travels, and the misses and I are going to paris and italy in a few weeks. We are looking to spend only a few hundred on this instrument. I was thinking an accordian at first, but those seem bulky and expensive. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


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