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Will a microphone with a frequency response of e.g. 50-15000 Hz not capture anything at all above 15k?

Hello! Been a while since last time I posted here.

In all my years of recording I have never bothered to learn what the specified frequency response (FR) of a microphone really means. I have always thought it means that the mic wont capture anything outside of the FR range, but is that really true?

According to Shure the FR "defines the range of sound that a microphone can reproduce and how its output varies within that range". 

Is it like if you'd put a low pass filter with a slope of say 96 dB/octave at 15k?

recorder to capture whispers and mumbles

I'm presently researching digital voice recorders and some Sennheiser clip-on mics to capture whispers and mumbles throughout the day. Ideally, I want capabilities to send to voicemail or a more competent service for transcription to text.

First, I need to narrow down product options that are capable of clearly capturing whispers and mumbles from my voice amidst a full range of background noise.

This is what I am searching for suggestions or experiential reflections.

Need dual DSP capture card


I am looking for a capture card. It must be a single PCI card, no external boxes, must have 2 balanced stereo inputs - each stereo pair must feed into a single A/D converter/DSP. No other features needed or wanted. No playback facilities needed.

I need to record from 2 balanced stereo sources into 2 separate recordings. The recording PC will be a 1U rack mount server.

Any recommendations on equipment to look at here, or would I be better off looking to get such a card custom made? I am looking at OEM quantities - 100 to start.


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