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search for a "good" Multiformat CD Burner for Appl

now I have a G5 2x2 Mac with a internal Pioneer 111 D Drive in. But this ist the third Burner. And now it makes also Problems. I've try'd a lot of CD / DVD Brands with the same result. Now I'M searching for a external perfect drive. Any tips witch one is the best for Audio and Video ?

Thanks a lot from Germany


PLEXTOR CD burners for computer, All pretty Good?

I am looking into getting a new CD burner for my computer b/c some of the masters that I have made don't play on all CD players. I use CD architect to layout my projects. Anyways, Best Buy has a couple PLEXTOR burners for sale. One is only around $100. I was wondering if these would produce a lot less errors per disc as compared to my burner on my Sony Vio computer and thus be easily read by CD players. Thanks.


CD Burner Question


Hi i have been having difficulties lately with my CD Burner. It seems to produce discs full of errors?

I have tried using different software Sequoia/Nero/Soundforge even Windows Media Player and all produce errors.

Will a CD lens cleaner have any effect on a CDR or should I just forget about it and buy a new one? If so suggestions please. Bear in mind I live in the UK so links to shops in the US would be a waste of time.

Cheers 'n' all that!

does a CD burner on a pc make a difference in sound quality?

does a CD burner make a difference in sound or is it the software. ive got nero burning rom that came with my burner. its a 52x24x52x speed. i dont know the brand off hand but it was about 90/100$ i think. i didnt know if there were any "pro" burners out there that makes a difference? thanks a bunch! :D

Pro vs. high-end consumer Burners / CD-R Pre-mastering



I recently e-mailed my replication service & asked which optical transport assembly they used to cut their glass masters; & which burner they would recommend to write CD-R pre-masters.

They came back with Plextor on the OTA...

& then went on to say that any of the burners I had mentioned (Tascam CD-RW2000, Alesis Masterlink, HHB BurnIt) would be wonderful, but that I might save some money if I went with a Plextor external SCSI or USB2 burner.

So, my question is:


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