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Chamelon Labs 7602 - desoldered cable

Hi all, 

first of all please sorry for my english :) 

Yesterday I realized that the MIC input knob doesn't work with the values under the "off" selection (beetween +20 and +50).

After unmounted it I've seen that a cable is desoldered but I've got no idea to where he was soldered...

Any tips?? possibly with a photo since I don't have great electronics skills :D 

Chameleon Labs 7602 MkII Repair

Hi all,

I'm repairing a couple of 7602 MkIIs, each with their own problems. Does anyone have experience with those or maybe even have access to a schematic or service manual? I have looked at some Neve 1073 schematics, since it's supposed to be a clone of those, but there seem to be enough differences outside of the tone circuitry that they're not terribly helpful.