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Recording classical in studio (on a budget)

Hello all!  I am new here and have not been in the music business or in a studio in decades.  I have been recording my songs (pop/rock/blues) on my home digital studio for years (BOSS BR-1180)...    But now my daughter is composing contemporary classical pieces (think Philip Glass) and it is time to record them.  She has written a Cello and Violin part to a couple of songs.  I have questions th

Is it possible to automate a click track?

I am using Pro Tools 12.8. was wondering if there is any way to create a click track to only run and then turn off after a few measures. I am recording with my friend who is playing drums while I am on guitar. We want to play our song live all the way through and want a nice click to begin with that ends after a few measures so that we can flow through the rest of the song.

Programming a click track to slow down gradually (ritard)

Is it possible in any DAW? mine are DP7, reaper, PT7. As far as a i know i can't do this, and just shut the click off when sections like that come up, and let the band handle the timing. I'd be great if there was a function or work-around that i don't know about, so we could define the slowdown if needed.


Using midi metronome to control effects. can it be done and how?

Hi guys. I am looking to use a midi setup with a live 5 piece band. I am trying to use some form of programmable midi tempo/time signature track to also control effects for all the instruments. The effects may be rackmounted hardware or vst(i). I will probably use hardware for the effects and just use a vsti for the drummer's triggers.