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click track

Is it possible to automate a click track?

I am using Pro Tools 12.8. was wondering if there is any way to create a click track to only run and then turn off after a few measures. I am recording with my friend who is playing drums while I am on guitar. We want to play our song live all the way through and want a nice click to begin with that ends after a few measures so that we can flow through the rest of the song. I am the guitarist and the engineer so I am unable to turn off the click. Thanks

Monitoring works but Cant record, no metronome (Cubase LE 9.5, Behringer UMC404HD)

Hey there,

I just got Cubase LE 9.5, and a BEHRINGER UMC404HD Interface. Its connected Via USB, obvioulsy.
If i plug my guitar into the interface i get monitoring on my headphones, and i can also see signal in the program input mixing panels.
But if i press RECORD there is no Signal being Recorded, (even tho i can hear the monitoring) and i cant hear the CLICK or a COUNT IN. Even tho i activated the click and everything. its so weird, and iam getting pretty desperate...

Programming a click track to slow down gradually (ritard)

Is it possible in any DAW? mine are DP7, reaper, PT7. As far as a i know i can't do this, and just shut the click off when sections like that come up, and let the band handle the timing. I'd be great if there was a function or work-around that i don't know about, so we could define the slowdown if needed.


Using midi metronome to control effects. can it be done and how?

Hi guys. I am looking to use a midi setup with a live 5 piece band. I am trying to use some form of programmable midi tempo/time signature track to also control effects for all the instruments. The effects may be rackmounted hardware or vst(i). I will probably use hardware for the effects and just use a vsti for the drummer's triggers.

How can I go about doing this? The songs regularily change tempo and timing.

Click Track Timing

What controls the timing for the Click Track/Metronome when I'm recording?
Is it controled by the converters internal clock?

There have been many times where it seems like the metronome starts okay, then slows down at some point.
I'm currently using Sonar 8.5, but also had this problem when I was using a Roland BR-1600CD 16 track recorder.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

my metronome is gone. .

I got Cubase 5... running thru a Tascam US-1641 to 2 Alesis studio monitors. butttt when i enable the 2 measure click before recording or enable a click track to play nothing happens. if i use the 2 measure click thing, it waits but theres no sound. sometimes if i just click around in the song it will let out 1 big loud click, but thats all. what happened and how do i fix it? lol thx guys!



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