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Direct bass overloading/clipping

I'm recording a bass direct into my DAW and getting a lot of clipping/popping/overloading, and I can't quite figure out where the problem is. To get the particular sound I want from this bass part, I have to hit the strings quite hard--harder than I normally play. Going direct into my Focusrite 2i2's instrument input, I would get pops on the pick attack.

Clipping with the Scarlett internal preamp

HI all, I have a Scarlett 18i8 that I bought so that I could mic my drums which it does fine but I noticed that when I went to mic my vocals I clip with the louder decibels. I haven't really experimented with compression and/or limiters) I ventured and bought a better mic to solve the problem. Not the best but a nice AKG c314. But I'm still clipping when my vocals start to rise in volume. Should I fool around with limiters and compression in my DAW? or should I consider a preamp?
Thank You...

Help with Strange clipping vocal phenomenon?

Hello :-) so I'm recording the vocals for my song and I noticed some clipping on loud parts. The strange thing here is that when I solo the vocal track the clipping is gone, completely nonexistent. And it doesn't look red on the waveform. But when the piano is unmute it, the clipping is audibly present, but no red Signal. You can clearly hear this in these example, the first link is the vocal track with solo on. The second is the one with the piano, where the vocal apparently clips.

[SOLVED] Clipping on ZED10 Mixer

Hi, I'm new here, not sure if this is the correct forum to post in, but my ultimate goal is recording, so here goes:

My Gear:
  • A Jazz Guitar
  • Peavey DPC-1000 Power Amp
  • PreSonus 2 channel BlueTube
  • Allen & Heath ZED 10FX Mixer
  • RAMSA WS-A80 speakers for monitor sound
  • MP3 Track
  • RØDE Microphone
  • Canon XA10 Camcorder
1/4" Output of guitar into channel 1 of BlueTube

PreSonus Firestudio 2626 asymmetrical clipping distortion positive side -6dbfs, bad units on Ebay

I wanted to find out if anyone has had a simiar problem with PreSonus Firestudio 2626 asymmetrical clipping distortion issues. The positive side only of recorded waveforms clip at -6dbfs on some channels as can be seen and verified in my DAW(Sonar). I have two of these Firestudio 2626 units and one unit has the problem on every analog input channel and my second only has it on only one channel. It appears to be in the A/D conversion for the analog channels because the insert and aux analog outs do not have the asymmetrical ciipping as verified on oscilloscope.

Fairly new to online recording. Clipping issues.

Hello Masters of the Craft,

I have read through your boards for the past few days and though, maybe, you can help me.

I am not a recording star of any significance and do not profess to know ANYTHING about recording. I just sing online for fun and therapy.

That being said, I recently graduated from my Microsoft Headset mic to a condenser mic and interface.

The problem, I am experiencing clipping (as it was described to me by SingSnap support and the good gentlemen a Long & McQuade Music Shop.

Clipping guitar pedal loses mojo when volume lowered

So.. I'm recording some guitar and one side of the channel clips or the waveform periodically looks like a solid block, but when the volume is lowered or attenuated in any way, the pedal being used by the guitar totally loses it's 'mojo'. WTF?

Any ideas on how to cure clipping in a situation like this? I've tried several different things and nothing has helped yet..

Sounds like it's clipping but all level meters show otherwise. help!

I'm attempting a very simple master with just some EQ, compression and limiting but I've run into a slight problem. Every time I add my limiter to get my track to a good volume, it pops and crackles like the track is clipping. I have a sound metering plugin after each plugin as well as the one on the track itself and nothing is indicating any kind of clipping. I have done this process before without running into this problem. Any ideas as to why this is happening?