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Advice Needed On Vocal Mixing

Hello lovely people, and how is everybody doing

Typically speaking, when I work on my Vocals, I apply a High Pass Filter, adjust it depending on what sounds clearer and stands out more in the mix, and then I usually boost some of the higher frequencies, once again depending on what makes the vocals stand out more in the mix.

Now, I've been recording a cover of Queen - You're my best friend, and I cannot get my vocals to stand out in the Instrumental, because I feel that it sounds too "thin" with the way I EQ the vocals.

My version of "last few hours of a mix"

I thought it only fair to post a mix, so here it is.

I feel like I've got a handle on it and it's 90% done, but if you hear any horrible glaring error please point it out. I want the acoustic a little higher before the bridge, and maybe soften the HF edge just a little. Panning is still LCR, but I'm sure that will change before I'm done.

Oh, and what genre is it? Some sort of rock, I guess.


Volume Normalizer for wav Files?

Hi guys!

Some of you may have heard of a program called 'mp3 Gain', which allows you to balance the volume levels of your mp3 files so that they're all roughly the same. It doesn't remove the dynamics within each track (or each album even), but basically just allows you to control the general playback level of each file. Very handy tool, and I've been using it for years.

What can you do in Pro Tools that you cannot in REAPER?

I've been using Reaper for years, and every now & then people attempt to brag that they use "Pro Tools", but I have yet to hear what is so significant about Pro Tools over a DAW like Reaper.

Reaper is capable of everything that I need and much more that I don't need.
(Now some might wonder what my use of a DAW is, but that is aside from my question ;) )

3, 2, 1 gooooo

Interface quality?

I have a Univ Audio Solo 610 preamp and AKG 414XLS. I'm a singer/songwriter and will probably just record vocal and acoustic guitar thru a condenser mic. Want to achieve best sound quality. Does interface matter? Does preamp let you bypass interface "influence"? Would garageband be all i'd need ( assuming sound quality does not suffer)?

Thanks !


Level matching - Searched - Cant Find What Im Looking For

Hi all -

I've been trying to do a better job of tracking so I can do a better job of mixing. I've been reading a lot of posts and forums that talk about level matching (level-matched listening?) across tracks while tracking but have nowhere read how one actually does that - just that it is important to do - - which I get. But in the nuts and bolts world what does that mean? What should I be doing?

Need help with plugins.. PLEASE..

I was looking into plugins like Waves, UAD II, T-Racks, and I was wondering if they are compatible with Magix products(Music Maker, Samplitude, etc..) or how I can find out if they are.

All of those plugins are a little expensive, though Im sure they are worth it, so I was also wondering if there are any plugin packages or bundles that are free, worth checking out?

Fair Pricing

There's been a great deal of discussion and disgust over the pricing of Pro Tools upgrades. This goes hand in hand with Software Piracy. A lot of people complain that Software is too expensive. Many justify their piracy on the fact that most software is overpriced. Just looking over Reaper again and thought that this is worth posting:

cockos REAPER wrote: You may use the discounted license if any of the following is true:

Individual Track I/O with Reaper

Hi there. I've been using a demo of reaper recently and have found it wonderful, but can't seem to figure out if separate tracks can have individual I/O.

One of the helpful things I found in Sonar was that each track had its own I/O, and Reaper has only two inputs/outputs from the preferences menu. (Trying to switch over to reaper, Sonar lags and crashes too much)