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Help getting audio from mixer to computer

Hello everyone I need help figuring out the Yamaha MG124CX. So basically my Uni has a dj room and it has a microphone that I can connect into it (but not in to my macbook) and rca cable to aux. The mixer recognizes audio from the mic, and I can hear it on the speakers. Reading manuals and online, I connected the rca cable in to rec out and aux in to my laptop, but it doesn't recognize any device. I can use this cable to play music from my laptop tho.

I'm wondering what I'm missing, maybe some button on the mixer or something. Thanks for reading.

Computer/Mixer Question

I'm looking to connect 1 pair of speakers (Event 20/20) to a Yamaha MG10/2 mixing console so I can use these speakers as monitors for 2 different computers (not simultaneously). 1 computer has 1/4" outs via the audio interface & on the other computer I can only output through the 1/ 8" headphone port which is why I figure I can do this with the mixer.

Can anyone suggest how I can go about accomplishing this (what connectors/cables would I need, etc)?.Thanx~!

Newbee - Need new computer advice

The “quick” question is…
Narrowed it down to 3 computers for home recording.
For personal (hobby) use; Cubase 10, Focusrite 18i8; Music genre – Light rock (Wild Feathers, Matchbox 20); Budget $2800-ish;

iMac – 27” monitor, i7, 16GB, 2TB Fusion drive.
MacBook Pro – specs (?) to be determined
Lenovo Thinkpad – Probably P52 – specs (?) to be determined

The bigger story, if interested, or if more info helps...

Analog Summing + Printing in other computer

I read something at gearslutz that make me think but didnt understand 100%

Im into analog summing, my setup is Orion32 as converters, 2Bus+ and Pure2 for capturing the whole mix.

Someone wrote "Without going on too much more, for those really wanting to take hybrid past the playground, if you are using the same computer to go ADDA, "The Round Trip", you are already defeated. Two DAW's and high headroom analog in the middle works. If I couldn't do that, I would stay ITB."

Looking to buy a new computer for recording

Hi There,

My (admittedly fairly minimalist) recording setup was recently written off in a fire. I am awaiting a payout from the insurance company, and this gives me an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start again from scratch.

The hub of all of this will of course be the computer. I have been umming and erring over this for a long time and feel I need some guidance.

linking two computers?

Hi guys, I have another for ya! To make a long story short I have two computers now. One. a laptop MacBook and one an iMac. It dawned on me that it would be really convenient to record drums using the laptop and then continue recording the mix on the iMac. Is this far fetched? Maybe a daisy chain with USB's? or would it have to be iCloud? I would have an audio interface with both.
Get back to me!
Thank You.

New Computer?

I had a MacBook that was my trusty music maker for 4-5 years until it got a virus. So I got a new iMac from BestBuy but decided not to get 16 gigs of ram and to get an i5 instead of an i7 like my last MacBook.
I really can't tell but I think the quality of sound is diminished in my DAW. Is that likely?
And what I mean is. I go to record my guitar and as I'm recording it in my headphones it sounds great! and then I go to play it and it sounds low volume and not as good Quality...
4800 sample rate
256 Buffer
High Quality Pitch Conversion

Beginning of the end of computer based recording (finally?)

Check this out! The product itself is cool, but the implications are what I'm enamoured with. Computers are generally clunky, bloated, and relatively expensive. In my opinion far too 'open' for our needs in audio. I've been saying for years a closed, audio (video) only machine has a real place in our little corner of the world.

I've been impressed w smartphones and tablets ability to streamline the desktop recording experience, and in my opinion operate much more reliably.