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Concert promoter buster after 8 years of ripping people off

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16 years 3 months
If you ever saw the movie Decline of Western Civilization Part II you might recognize this glam wannabe. The law finally caught up with hI'm but only after 8 years of ripping people off...

Live Concert Recording

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4 years 11 months
Hi all,

Curious, who here is also into recording Live Concerts? Ive been recording for 10+ years, and currently recording onto a Zoom F8 with Neumann KM184, and AKG 300 with caps.

Love to hear who else out there records concerts? I am into The ABB, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, etc.



best set-up for recording classical concerts

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7 years 1 month
Hello All,

I work for a university putting on classical concerts. They have just built a lovely 500 seater hall for the concerts, the room is great (imagine a nice modern classical music concert hall) with a fancy new 24 channel digital mixer in the control booth.

I've been asked to suggest some gear to buy to help with recording the concerts to a professional standard. They are usually chamber music size, some string quartets, the occasional soloist. My experience up until now has not been in recording classical music (more bands).

Saw James Taylor in Concert last night

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21 years 2 months
Wow. Beyond his own obvious talent on guitar and vocals, and as a songwriter, he's also got a talent for picking the cream of the crop players as his band.

Steve Gadd on drums, Michael Landau on guitar, Jimmy Johnson on Bass, Lou Marini on horn (from The original Blues Brothers band) Walt Fowler (Horns) Andrea Zohn on violin...

This was an incredible lineup... and it showed. Fantastic musicians.

Taylor himself was great... getting older these days, but you wouldn't know it by his performance and on-stag charisma.

Great show.

Redundant Recording systems/techniques for live concert (novice)

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12 years 4 months
hey all, i just got a call to record an annual concert, destined for dvd. something i have never done before on this scale. it's a rock band w/ numerous guest spot type things. i don'y have all the details until next week, but if it's like previous events i've seen from this client the backline consists of about 4 guitar rigs, 2 bass rigs, and 3 keyboard stations, 3 vocal mics, and one drum kit. everything will be mic'ed up and check thru and thru, and unmuted as needed. For now, until i meet up w/ hI'm and see the setup, i'll figure a 24trk recording.

Recording concerts in the 60's SDM question

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8 years 2 months
Hi all,

If anyone has watched for example the Jimi Hendrix Isle of Wight DVD, for example:

[=""]Jimi Hendrix All Along The Watchtower Subtitulado Espan[/]="…"]Jimi Hendrix All Along The Watchtower Subtitulado Espan[/]

You will notice a SDM (i think) taped to a Shure 565. Does any idea of what kind of SDM that is? Not the brand of course, but guessing

Multitrack Recording a Concert

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8 years 8 months
Here's the deal, I want to record a live concert using multitrack recording. I need to know exactly what gear would be cheapest and best and how to set it up.

I have a Yamaha MG24 14FX and a PC with Pro Tools 8 on it.

I want to be able to go from the sound desk into whatever I need to and recorded through pro tools so I can do a post mix. At most, I'd only need 12 channels.

If someone can tell me exactly what gear I'd need and how to get it up then that would be great!

acoustics of the concert harp

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9 years
Hello everyone.
Guys, I need your opinion about my humble research work.
I'm trying to apply to NYU Music Tech program (deadline is on November 15 2012) this year and I want to present my written work about an acoustics of the concert harp in addition to my audition package. The work was originally in Russian, so I translated it to English as accurately as I could. The work has 5 parts: harp history, structure, sound production, acoustical characteristics, and essential knowledge for recording.