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crest audio

Thoughts on Crest x8rt

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13 years 3 months
Anyone have any thoughts on these units?
My partner can get a hold of one free, minus the power supply.

We'll have to buy/build a new power supply, and may only end up flipping the console.

Curious on everyone's thoughts, so we can go about planning to integrate it into our current setup or planning to sell it.

Thanks in advance

Crest Performance ST-2 dual mic pre/channel strip

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21 years 2 months
I wasn't sure whether to post this under proaudio or budget gear. The only information I have been able to find is the usual commercial promo- information. Critiques by experts or actual users seem to be elusive. In my search, however, I did find this forum. Hopefully someone here can provide first hand information regarding their experience with this unit. I am primarily interested in how it performs on vocals and acoustic guitar. Is it good enough for studio work and/or live sound applications ? I am considering it for both.

Midas Venice 320 vs. Crest HP Eight 32/5

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21 years 2 months
I am looking at getting a Midas Venice 320 or a Crest Audio HP Eight 32 mono/5 stereo console. I am the singer/writer/producer for a NIN/Marilyn Manson type band and I am looking for the best console to use in the studio and at local venues.

I have opted to get my own mixer so that I can have more options and control over the sound in the club environment. I will be using the board as the main board and to send aux mixes to the band via IEM.