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daw platforms

Thinking of switching to Reaper

I'm strongly considering switching to Reaper as my main daw. While I've dabbled with samplitude and do like it, I'm finding there's some things I don't like. It's upgrade price is rather steep and seems to rarely include major updates. It's hybrid audio engine is a bit limited relative to others if I'm understanding their operation correctly. Also there's a nag screen about updating that when I open the program, despite clicking the do not show again box. Also it's not really Atmos compatible with only 7.1 output.

3 DAWs - 3 sounds? Reaper vs. Sonar vs. Samplitude

3 DAWs - 3 sounds? Reaper vs. Sonar vs. Samplitude In this video, I test 3 DAWS by doing the exact same mix of the same song. There was a long debate as if every DAWs sounded the same and I thought it was time to get a true answer.

I also give a link to downloadable multitracks songs.

What do you think of the tests, convincing ?

Need help choosing the right DAW Platform for me

I’m still at least 3-4 years from completing my studio build (I have a build thread under Studio Construction) and as I get closer I need to begin making some concrete choices about my recording + mixing setup. I've used Nuendo from the start for more than 4 years now. I’ll try to keep focused and concise but I think my quandaries are closely interrelated between 2 dilemmas. Perhaps I should post each in different threads?

Which DAW platform for recording

Without considering all of the hardware implications...
What are the main differences in these programs?
I've heard:
a. CEpro2 has a ton of effects the others don't (at least, not included free)
b. Pro Tools is the "standard" in the industry, but kinda tied to hardware
c. Sonar handles MIDI a LOT better

Before I lay out the $200-500, I'd like someone to "compare and contrast" strengths and weaknesses.



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