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Good DI boxes?

Hey all,

I was looking around and couldn't find a thread on this(maybe I missed it). I was looking for a really good phantom powered, reamping DI box. What are some really good ones that are reliable. I would be interested in buying a tube DI as well. What are your thoughts?

I found some countryman type 85 on craigslist for cheap. Any feedback on this DI box?



How do you record bass using a passive DI box + a mic?

Hey guys I'm wondering how to record bass using a passive DI box and a mic so that I can have 2 signals going into Pro Tools. I've never recorded with two signals before so I'm not real clear on how to hook everything up.

I'm using an Mbox with two inputs. So for one signal I go from the mic to the Mbox right?

And for the other signal I go from the bass guitar to the amp, out of the amp and into the DI box, and then from the DI box to the Mbox right?

And do you guys have any recommendations for a good passive DI box?

New problem with me little labs red eye and other Di boxes!

I have had a new problem develop today in the studio with my Di boxes and my AWESOME Little Labs Di/Re-amper boxes. Everything sounds fine UNTIL I plug the XLR cable into them. the guitar tone goes from ROARING death metal bliss with tons of gain to sad thin unhappy blues tone(no beef with the blues but I am tracking the sound track for hell here!) IF I un-plug my TT patchbayOR the XLR from the patchbayOR the XLR from any of the boxes the tone comes SCREAMING back at me BUT no Di for the super important re-amping I must do. IF anyone knows what might be going on please help me.

For those who doubt the need for a DI box

I did a side by side today simulating having a DI box vs. not having one. (I don't actually have one) Before you say WTF, here's what I did.

1. Run guitar into MXR KFK 10 Band EQ (has two identical outputs)
2. One output goes to amp
3. One goes to FireBox HI-Z input.

Then I set up a mic and recorded the mic and dry DI at the same time. I reamped the DI through my Radial PRO RMP straight to the amp and recorded at the same settings and mic position. This is what ensued.