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Digi 001 Question

I'm looking into getting the ol' Digi 001 system to play around with. Mostly just wanting to do acoustic stuff at home (on desktop PC), but I would also like to be able to do some live recordings at gigs as well using my laptop. I understand how the card works in a desktop but how do I use my laptop? And, I can use the software on both computers right (desktop-XP, laptop-Vista)?

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Moving on from Digi 001 days... what to do?

Hi, I have very basic knowledge of recording gear, so bought the Digi 001 and Pro Tools LE for my Mac many years ago, which I find very easy to use. I also have a RODE NTK mic. As the years have passed, the Digi 001 has become non-compatible with Mac OS x and pro tools updates, so I'm now looking at updating my gear, but not necessarily in the Digidesign range.

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DIGI 001!

I've been using my trusty ol' 001 for about 8 years now on PC (with win98se) I've never sought (or indeed had the money to) to upgrade, but the Chandler Abbey Road Series of Plugins for LE have caught my eye - firstly i'll need to upgrade from v5.11 to v6.4 (at a cost of £25) and change my OS to XP (sp2) - which i've got discs for - thing is, with the 003 out and 002 prices falling - is it bet

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MAC & DIGI 001 ??

I have an iMac G5 2.16 GHz 1GB memory 250GB hard drive and an outdated digi 001. I don't have the money to purchase a digi 002 and prefer to keep the 001. I was jsut wondering since the digi 001 runs through a PCI card if there is any way I could connect it to my mac. Is there an external PCI slot i could purchase or possible an adaptor?

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Question about older Pro Tools Digi 001 setup

I found this on craigslist:

It's pretty old I guess and after reading the specs I noticed that it doesn't even mention Windows XP. Will I even be able to install it? Do they even sell the upgrades from these earlier versions?

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