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M-Aduio Fast Track or Digidesign Mbox

Hey guys. I'm looking to get one or the other of these two interfaces. How do these two interfaces differ? Which has better preamps? Which would you guys recommend? Would running PT M-Powered be that much of a loss as compared to PT LE? Which is more worth it and would be more worth it in the log run? And what is this i hear about onboard DSP? The Fast Track Ultra has it and so do a couple of the new Mbox models.

Thanks a lot.

Cubase/Tascam/MOTU vs. Pro Tools/Digidesign

Which do you choose?

I'm debating on working with Pro Tools and using a Digidesign C|24 as a control surface, and a 003 rack... Or going a cheaper route and using Cubase with a Tascam DM4800, and a MOTU interface

I have had a little more experience with cubase, a little easier for me to work with, but what do you guys think?
Is it that big of a difference?

Has anyone here ever been to a pro studio running cubase?


Digidesign 003 vs. RME Fireface 800+Mackie Control Pro

Hey there,

Got a little query I'd like to ask you guys about. Im setting up a rig involving 2 Focusrite 8 channel preamps. I was going to go with the Digidesign 003 Factory, but then realized that it only has one ADAT input, meaning that one preamp will go into the ADAT and the second will have to be outputed through the 25pin jack output into the jack inputs of the 003, probably resulting in considerable quality loss.

Digidesigns Transfuser Plug In

Has anyone been using or even heard of the Transfuser plugin from digidesign?

If not below is a link to some info on it:

I've had a look through the tutorial videos and it looks pretty useful for creating electronic dance music, and also for various other small projects, but would like to hear some feedback from users if possible.

Any info or comments welcome;)



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