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WTB : Digidesign MBOX pro 2 at ANAHEIM, CA?

I'm from malaysia.. and my parents going to the states this coming few days..

I wonder if somebody from anaheI'm can give an address of where to buy the Digidesign mbox pro 2 or other audio device as well?

Address will help a lot as my parents is not expert with that kind of shop.. THANKS

M-Aduio Fast Track or Digidesign Mbox

Hey guys. I'm looking to get one or the other of these two interfaces. How do these two interfaces differ? Which has better preamps? Which would you guys recommend? Would running PT M-Powered be that much of a loss as compared to PT LE? Which is more worth it and would be more worth it in the log run? And what is this i hear about onboard DSP?

Cubase/Tascam/MOTU vs Pro Tools/Digidesign

Which do you choose?

I'm debating on working with Pro Tools and using a Digidesign C|24 as a control surface, and a 003 rack... Or going a cheaper route and using Cubase with a Tascam DM4800, and a MOTU interface

I have had a little more experience with cubase, a little easier for me to work with, but what do you guys think?
Is it that big of a difference?