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digital audio

Routing analog & digital audio between two DAWS

Hey all,

I'm doing the planning for my new system.
I have magix Samplitude pro x, and I'm considering Pro Tools HD12.

Magix would be the main capture/compose/edit system due to high track count and clean coding.

PTHD would be primarily for mixing (mainly volumes and panning). Since it does 10 video tracks and 7.1 it's the unfortunate (expensive) choice.

Basically id like to pipe the edited audio from Sam into PTHD via the digital outs RME babyface -into- Focusrite Scarlett 18i20.

How to Embed Data on MP3/Digital Audio Files?

Basically I want to know if there's a way to write info to digital format music files. I want to put in the artist/song/isrc code/album art and possibly even lyrics. I've heard talk of this but am actually to where I want to do it now so any insight would be much appreciated.

I know I can add at least some these to a CD using CD design software like CD Architect 5.2 (which I have); is there a way to add album art or lyrics to a CD, as well?

thanks so much!

is dishing out thousands on Digital audio equipment a REAL investment

I mean... like does it really make sense?
What's the real point in spending 5k on an interface.. when theres just going to be a "better" one later?
I mean how clear can audio REALLY get? Or is it about having the most options?
What is it that they found a way to make that much less hiss on the audio track? its MORE crystal clear?

ADAT - Alesis Digital Audio Tape

Originally an 8-track digital recorder, now shorthand for a digital transmission protocol

Some content below is with permission of Wikipedia.

ADAT (Alesis Digital Audio Tape)

An eight track digital recorder developed and manufactured by the Alesis Corporation, employing modified videotape recording technology. The ADAT uses a standard VHS video cassette for information storage.

Digital Audio Interface...

I am looking for a Digital Audio Interface but I only have around $200 to spend on it right now. What would you say is good for my settup I have thus far?

Mic: MXL 992
Preamp: Tube MP Project Series
Amp: Behringer Ultraacoustic ACX1000
Interface: M-Audio MIDISport 1x1
MIDI: Yamaha PSR-275

Computer: AMD 3.0Ghz Quad-Core, 4GB RAM
Sound Card: Realtek ALC888 (onboard)
OS: Windowns XP sp3
Program Cakewalk Sonar 8.5.3