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Proper Speaker Placement w/ Dimensions

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Here are the dimensions of the room I need to set up as a studio (pic link attached below). 10' 8" x 11' 10" (8ft ceiling)

I have 2 KRK Powered Rockit 6's

Can someone please tell me the technically proper dimensions I should place the speakers in the room, for the best flat response for the engineers seating position.

Floor plan of room:

Dimensions and ideas for multi purpose recording studio's

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I'm going to build a multi purpose studio on 5 acres in a location where there is little outside noise to be overly concerned about. I'm in the country, on a very private lake where the sound of nature is actually something I would rather hear as a natural ambience (maybe I am onto something lol)!
Never the less, kidding aside... it's not like we have screaming city ambiance where I am living. Its very quiet here in comparison to a large city. So, isolating the outside from bleeding is far less of a concern for me but I would still like to discuss that as well.

Calculating Dimensions in an odd shaped room

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@Brien Holcombe

Brien - using Bob Gold's calculator, how do I calculate a room of varying widths?

I'll be more specific ... I'm looking at moving into another area of my house - it's a Living Room area - where in half of the section, a staircase cuts into the width by 3 ft.

What room dimensions should be enough for serious recording?

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I would like to have an advice from anybody on the room dimensions I should strive to get, for both studio and control room.

I would like to record small bands (drums, couple of guitar amps and a singer) as well as individual vocalists (with acoustic guitar as an option).

In the control/mixing room I would like to have enough sonic control over the mix to have it 'just right' before making mastering elsewhere (however, due to local music scene conditions I may need to do some post production as well).