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In wireless microphones, a loss of RF signal, which in turn results in loss of audio or audio that is noticeably noisy. Also refers to a small physical area where there is insufficient RF signal present to obtain satisfactory wireless operation. Dropouts are normally caused by multi-path or signal blockage due to some type of obstruction.

New DAW suffering sound dropouts from some channels

I just built a new DAW. When I load my old projects into Cubase SX3 (3.11) and/or Logic 5.5 or create new projects I find myself suffering random audio dropouts on some channels of the sequencer but not others. The problem seems to occur on VST instrument channels as appose to audio tracks. The dropouts occur roughly once a minute during playback of a project.

Playback Dropouts

Hi, Im just getting used to my new toys for Christmas! I've been playing back some music (not my own recorded material) on my computer. The audio goes through a firewire bus PC card, to a Firewire Mixer/Interface. I have monitors hooked up to the control room out of the firewire device, and usually get perfect playback, although I get too many random complete sound dropouts.