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Echo - A distinctly discernible reflection, or repetition of a source signal. Note: The term is often used incorrectly to refer to reverberation which consists of densely spaced, indistinguishable reflections.

How to get rid of echo between mixer and recorder?

Hello every one, i am new here because i was searching for people who are intrested in recording or dslr filming and audio to.

I am now busy with finding the levels between my dslr camera (nikon d5100) and the Zoom R8.

The problem where i walk against is that when i record with my mic the R8 is recording great and i dont have any aditional noises.
But when i connect the R8 to my camera then i get a aditional echo and/or a electro/distortion sound.

Weird echo when combining two tracks…"]YouTube - ‪fffff‬‏[/]="…"]YouTube - ‪fffff‬‏[/]

the problem starts at 0:15 (no clue why it doesn't do it through the whole thing)

it almost sounds as if i switched up my strumming pattern but i assure you i did not

when the guitar track is played individually it is consistent throughout until i implement the drum track

What is a good Delay and echo unit please?

I have tried quite a few Delay/echo units in the past [Effectrons, Furman, Digitechs e.t.c] but those old school units are not as clean as like the later Lexicon Jamman for example, the problem with the jamman is it is not a Delay. I am seeking to purchase a very CLEAN sounding 19" delay/echo unit, can anyone recommend any please? BTW, I use the delay/echo unit for "music" playback and not for mic or recording purposes.


I just started recording a artist for the first time on my setup but while I was getting levels on the artist they complained that they was getting like an echo effect thru the headphones so I checked it myself and sure
enough there was an echo, but the thing is I had no efx inserted whatsoever. I went thru everything possible
to see what the problem could be and I couldn't find anything but I'm wondering could it be that my mogami
mic cable is too long 30' or could it be that my headphone extension cable is too long causing some type of

Echo Layla3G: Phantom Power doesn't work anymore

Hello from Italy

I'm using a Layla 3G since 2 years now, and it always worked perfectly, on many different configurations.

I'm wondering if someone could help out with this problem:

Yesterday I had a quite long recording session, at some point I switched off the microphone for change its position.
Once ready for recording again the mic (that need Phantom Power), doesn't seem to work anymore.



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