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figure 8 mic

Figure-8 Mics, ribbons and 48V Phantom Power

I'd read a few internet posts over the past few weeks about ribbons, and they pulled up the old advice about destroying them with phantom power, so I did a little Googling and also noted many newcomers to recording really didn't ever come across fig-8 pattern mics at all - so I've been doing a few videos and did one featuring just a bit of chat about fig-8 patterns and a little demo of how they actually sound when you move the mic - then I figured I'd plug up a ribbon in place of the condenser and see if it broke - as the usual tales of doom decree they do.

Blumlein figure 8 mic suggestions

I am going to record a church choir and wanted to capture the ambiance of the room. I gathered from other posts that a Blumlein setup would work well for this, as I do not want a complicated setup with lots of mics placed all over the place. Does anybody have a recommendation for a good bi directional mic?

Some names that I have come across are

Neumann AK 20
Schoeps MK 8
Royer SF 12 and SF 24

How do these dedicated figure 8 mics compare to variable pattern mics such as the Neumann U 87 or KSM 44?

Figure 8 Micing on toms

Hey guys, I'm new here I hope this question isn't too dumb. When using a mic like the 414s in figure of eight on toms, how does the signal get split, or does it at all? Is there a "matrix" box involved? I will be using a Mackie 8bus and Pro Tools. Again please forgive my ignorance on the subject, I am a neophite when it comes to Micing drums in a real live studio, but very eager to learn. Thanks.



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