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Since 1985, Focusrite has been a name synonymous with no-compromise mic pres following the creation of the ISA 110 for Sir George Martin's Neve console at Air Studios. The legacy of the original ISA 110 lives on today, not only in the ISA range itself, but also in every mic pre we design.

Standing for 'Input Signal Amplifier', the ISA range was born out of the original Focusrite Forte console of the late 80's, and later the Focusrite Studio Console. The core modules from these consoles live on with Focusrite's current range of ISA products, which have in themselves also become recording classics, and the choice of the world's finest producers and engineers. All ISA products use the Lundahl LL1538 input transformer and a custom Zobel network, both of which contribute to their sought-after sound.

Focusrite ISA vs. Warm Audio WA273-EQ?

Hi gang,

My GAS makes me suffer these days and I contemplate the idea to sell one of my 2 UA LA-610 and replace it with something else.

I'm tempted by the WA273-EQ but I'm wondering if it will be better than the ISAs or not.
I have 8 ISA preamps and they are my favorites..
I could buy a used ISA 428 (4 preamps) for about the same price of a WA273-EQ (2 preamps).

Focusrite ISA 220

Hi all,

I'm debating picking up a Focusrite ISA 220 for $550. The only pre I currently have outside my PreSonus 16.4.2 is a GAP Pre73. There doesn't seem to be much out there regarding this pre, only some bad feedback regarding the converters. That doesn't bother me as I likely wouldn't use them, and I'm thinking this might be a good deal on an ISA based strip. Any thoughts? Has anybody used them?

Stereo recording with Focusrite ISA 220

Hi I just added some new gear to my setup. A matched pair of SE Electronics SE1A's and a Focusrite ISA 220. I would like to get a nice acoustic sound recording with matched pair mics, but notice the 220 has only one output. Does anyone have any thoughts on a likely workaround as I would like to use the matched pair. I know I could probably record with one and double up in the DAW, but then i wouldn't be getting the full use of the mics. The ISA 220 comes with stereo converter A/D card, but I really don't want to be clocking and syncing if I can help it

Focusrite ISA TWO, Signal calibration with A/D

Hi there,

Got time to make a few tests with my brand new ISA Two.
I adjusted my Delta 44 à +4db and tried to calibrate the output of the ISA to match the signal input in my computer without any luck. It seems the signal of the ISA is too for +4db to be equal unless I adjust the audio interface further. At +4db, for a signal of -9db on my DAW, the ISA shows -18db or less... (with the led calibration at maximum on the ISA)

Questions :
- if I run a hotter signal through the ISA and lower the converter input will the sound quality change ?

D.A.V. vs. Shinybox vs. Sytek Preamps vs. Focusrite ISA

looking for some opinions on the character "character" comparison between the D.A.V. Broadhurst Gardens No.2, Shinybox Si4, and Sytek MPX-4?
What one do you recommend? Will be used mainly for "rock" in conjunction with Daking pre's.
Besides the Focusrite ISA pre's, they are all transformerless designs, but yet every pre still has different sonic "character" even when aimed at being transparent.
I'm just trying to find the most musical pre out of this bunch.

millenna stt-1 or Focusrite isa 430 or Focusrite red 7 ?


i have a Manley gold mic.
and i would like to know whats the best preamp for that mic.

i wanna a transparente, clear, open and super big sound.

i have the 3D Pre CD Volume 1, Preamps in Paradise-Preamp Summit DVD-ROM, 3D Mic CD and ADCD Converter CD . :)

i kown there are GORDON, BUZZ AUDIO, GML... but in CD i prefer the Millennia or the focusrite.

but i dont know what to buy. is RED 7 better than 430 ?

is Millennia more open and big than Focusrite ?

thanks a lot



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