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Integrating Voiceworks with Great River ME-1NV and FMR RNC to Saffire Pro 24 Dsp

ive had the Great River hooked up with the fmr using the patch jack.

but now where does the voiceworks go?

and what wiring do i need and how to hook it up? :confused:

I'm relatively new when it comes to external gear and routing so help would be greatly appreciated!

Is it worth adding Great River ME-1NV to my pres?


I run a small home studio which is mainly setup to record vocals. My current preamps are UA Solo610, Focusrite ISA One digital and PreSonus Eureka.

I been using forums for quite a few years now and everyone seems to rave about the Great River ME-1NV preamp as being something quite special!

Great River 1NV and 500NV

I want to double check something with the experts. I'm looking at the 1NV and the 500NV units. The GR sites says about the 500NV: "All specifications and performance details are identical to the NV series preamplifiers with the exception of size, weight, patch jack, -10dBv Out." Size, weight and patch jack aren't a big deal to me.

Great River impedance?

A buddy of mine let me borrow his Great River Mp2nv and I fell in love with the thing however there is one thing bothering me. When he's tracking a song from his motif xs to Pro Tools he always has the impedance switch in. He's tracking everything from kick, snare, guitars, bass, piano pretty much everthing is with the impedance switch on.

Is this a good thing?