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ground loop

High pitch noise from guitar effect pedal board?

I'm getting a high pitch noise (attached) that has something to do with the pedals (also attached)
Noise only happens when going through .
No noise when plugging directly into mixer, or into Clarus, then Mixer.

Guitar --> pedals --> Acoustic Image Clarus --> A&H Mixer --> Peavey Power head

By the sound of the noise itself, can anyone identify what it is and best way to go about addressing it? Thanks!

Microphone Ground Loop problem

Hi, I have a new microphone and it has a electrical buzzing sound when i try to record using it. It is not the soft buzzing sound that can be removed, after searching up about it i realised that it should be the cause of ground loop. So i decided to buy a ground loop insolator for the problem but it still doesnt help. Does anyone have any experience or any idea to solve this?

My monitors has a hum - resolved ground loop

I wanted to extend my monitors out to another room for a different perspective. So I ran 2 longer cables to the other room, but after hooking them up 1 of the monitors has a hum in it (the other monitor is just fine). I thought it might be something with the 1 cable so I switched the cables to the monitors, but the exact same monitor still hums. So I thought something happened to that monitor and I went and put that monitor back in the other room with the shorter cable hooked up to it, and it doesn't hum there. It only hums when hooking it up to a longer cable run.

Powered Speakers- Buzzing Sound

I have a Mackie mixer (profx12) and I have 4 QSC K12 speakers. I use these at my temple as our sound system. I have the mixer in the sound booth and the speakers outside the sound booth. I am running two XLR cables out of the booth from the mixer to the speakers. I use one XLR cable for two speakers. So I run a XLR cable from the mixer into the first K12 and then use another XLR cable between the output port on the first K12 and the input of the second K12. Now I have two sets like this. So I have very cheap XLR cables that I found on the internet.

BIG ground loop/noise problem

Hey guys,

Really need some help with this. Hope you've got some time to help me work through this because I couldn't find too specific of information about it on the web for my situation.

I found a bargain Emu 0404 USB (creative labs has recently stopped production of the unit so NO customer support) and after opening it and getting it working in about 10 min with Nuendo, I noticed a problem that we all very much hate in the audio realm - a nice ground hum (I believe) and some hiss.

Ground Loop

A condition where current circulates in the ground wiring system, due either to the grounds at the end of a length of cable being at different AC potential, or where a video or audio system has multiple paths to ground. Manifests itself usually by varying levels of hum (in audio systems) or as rolling bars in the picture of a video system. One way to deal with it is to use ground lift switches, but generally it is better to find the offending piece of equipment and then checking it to find out why it is causing the ground hum.

eliminate ground loop hum?

can someone explain how i get rid of the ground loop hum created when i plug my preamp into my interface. i assume this is what i'm experiencing. the preamp is powered by a 2 prong wall wort. the interface is usb bus powered.

i've read that i have to lift the groung from one end of the chain and not the other but i don't know how to do that.

the laptop its going to is plugged into a different outlet - but the hum only occurs when the preamp plugs into the interface (input and headphone gain not affecting the hum at all).

thanks for any help.