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Creating, what I guess could be considered a 'wind fade'

So I'm producing this song for my band using Logic Studio. I'm trying to create what my guitarist and I refer to as a 'wind fade' to fade in his guitar solo. If you're curious as to what I'm referring to listen to 6:48 of Master Of Puppets to hear how Hetfield's voice comes in. It almost sounds like the first note he sings is stretched out prior to him actually singing it, but it's not.

I guess my ears aren't that great after all...

I tried two different compressor settings on distorted guitar parts and couldn't tell the two of them apart audibly. Any slight differences I attributed to bias, (expecting to hear a difference because you know what you are selecting).

For the first I used a ratio of 1.8/1 and set the threshold accordingly to achieve an average of -6dB compression.