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guitar hum

How to determine cause of guitar hum?

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5 years 8 months
We've been trying to solve a hum problem. We know it's not the guitar (archtop with set in humbucker) because the hum only occurs in one particular place in the room. If we move the guitar even a couple feet away, the hum stops. Discovered that the hum is negligible when using a wood bridge and wood tailpiece. Worse with metal bridge and metal tailpiece. We know that the wiring and grounding of the hardware is correct. We've unplugged lights, computers, etc from nearby. So what could cause a low hum that goes away when you move the guitar from one specific position?

acoustic guitar hum

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8 years 11 months
Hey guys , I'm hoping someone can help here with fixing an earthing hum on my steel string acoustic guitar.

It has a Fishman infinity pre amp and piezo under saddle pick up installed.

Observations : If I touch the metal end jack insert the hum goes away ,
I put one hand on the mixing desk the hum is gone ,

Can someone chime in here who has been through this and point me to a simple solution.

I have read posts where they suggest there is a problem with the pick up ,( hope its not )

Hum in Guitar Amp/ DI question

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12 years 11 months
Before I purchased the Minimee tube amp I would frequently record a guitar amped (solidstate) and direct by employing a Roland A/B/Y switch routed as follows Guitar to Roland switch A to amp B direct to one of my Presonus FP instrument channels. This never gave me any problems. When I tried this same routing with the tube amp I encountered an unacceptable level of hum in the amp. I assumed it was ground loop and sent the B cable to an ART8 Isolating transformer 1/4" input

Low Hum/Noise from Guitar when Plug in

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16 years 4 months
hey buddies,

i face a problem here.
when i'm doing recording for my guitar (electric or Acoustic electric) plug in thru DI box(Rolls and PARA DI) it oso facing de Low hum for acoustic guitar and dirty noise from electric guitar....

erm...wat's ur opinion to solve this problem?is it de pick up problem??i'm using YAMAHA LLX6 oso facing this Low Hum problem....

give me a hand buddies....


Guitar hum. Does this work ?

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17 years 5 months
In mosty cases, i suffer from electrical guitar emating a buzz when plugged in, more so with distortion. While asking the guitarist to turn around and turning off my CRT's does help to a degree, very often the buzz is still dominant.

Just saw this product on soundroom. If it works i cud throw it into my do buy list.


Resolved: Guitar hum driving me crazy

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21 years
Hey guys,

I don't know if anyone remembers this topic. I posted last year around this time because I was having problems with noise on my guitar in my home studio driving me crazy. I finally got it solved and wanted to post the results for everyone.

After stumping the power company 4 times they referred me to the regional director for EMF. I don't know why, they said there was an avg 3.0mG in the studio room, which was "emanating from the audio equipment" and was perfectly normal according to them.

guitar hum

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20 years 5 months
ok, so i was playing around with some guitar and bass sounds. when i pluged into my lexicon signature 284 tube ampy thing, all was well and good but the direct tone wasn't rockin' it for me [bitching as an actual amp, though...]

so i DI'd into my amazing sounding pendulum mic pre/di thingie...great tone, but this horrible buzzing when i took my hands off any metal on the bass or gtr. the tone knob on the bass made it mostly die, [cause it was high pitched?].