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Hardware set up for live discussion recorded for Podcast

I'm looking to buy a bunch of audio equipment for amplifying/recording live talks in front of an audience.

I want to be able to record each mic as it's own .wav file (into my laptop using Adobe Audition or similar) before sending it to the PA so I can separately adjust gain during the live performance without affecting the recording.

Vintage Analog Hardware vs. Apollo & Unison Plug‑Ins

Published on May 31, 2017
In this video, watch multi Grammy-winning producer/engineer Jacquire King (Tom Waits, Kings of Leon, Norah Jones) shoot out vintage analog hardware to Apollo with Unison / UAD plugins. Features electronic-soul artist Jamie Lidell and an all star cast at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN.

Watch how Apollo stacks up to the real thing. Then read the full article here:

Video Recording Inside Studio? Best hardware/software

Im installing an IP Camera security system for a friends new music studio.

They would like a video camera system to record musicians playing drums, piano, singing etc and provide video on USB drive at end of session. Also, live stream video and audio via website if they want.

Im thinking of buying HDMI video cams and put them on mic stands. Then run HDMI to an interface box of some kind.

NewTek Tricaster looking interesting, but not sure about the 5-7k pricetag not including cameras.

Anything out there that can do this?

Thank you for your help!

Problem sending midi notes to external hardware in Ableton Live 9 Suite

I want to use Ableton Live 9 Suite to play some background tracks while performing live.
One track is configured to send midi notes to an external drum machine. This drum machine have a built in bass line that plays through a bass amp. I'm just interested in the bass line, which is triggered on channel 8 of Ableton (and other sequencers).

hardware synths vs. vst/vsti?

ok...I'm curious, I currently have a rack of samplers and synths, a carry over from my midi days... (aka 5000, Roland 550) and more.

I'm curious to know since the computers are getting far more powerful, and the vst's are getting so good, who has migrated to vst solutions and has abandoned hardware synth all together?

This is coming from my deep dive in Studio One and working with MAI THAI synth and presence XT.

RME Artist - Swedish label BIS - RME's hardware and Sequoia/Samplitude software became the ideal

While researching the state of computer-based recording back in 2004 it came as a positive surprise that the time finally appeared ripe for making the switch. And it was precisely at that moment that we understood the blessings of the MADI format which had been around for years, but had previously been available only in hardware too pricey and too big to be seriously considered for the mobile recording business. For BIS, the combination of RME's hardware and Sequoia/Samplitude software became the ideal solution for both recording and editing.

How can I control Pro Tools 10 plugins with hardware?

Hey everyone,

I do a bit of recording as a hobby, so I use a lot of plugins and VSTs etc.
I'm getting tired of the tedious work required to adjust settings on the plugins with the mouse.
I have the PreSonus faderport which has relieved me from using the mouse with the faders and pan knobs which has been great!

Is there a similar option under $200 for controlling the knobs on EQ, Compression, Reverb Etc?
From a little bit of research I've done, it seems like Pro Tools is one of the only DAWs that doesn't make this easy.

SPL PASSEQ hardware version? any users out there with an opinion?

been hmmming and hawwwwing over this for about year now I'm looking for another passive eq, i have a minimassive and a massive passive i find those two worlds apart. the massive has serious heft and i find it coloured in a good way but doesn't work for everything. the mini is my favorite eq bar none its just quite limited. any one use the SPL PASSEQ for mastering duties. Noah Mintz at lacquer channel was using one and loved it, however another engineer there i know much better said it was to be avoided, as it was rather soft.