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Harmonizer plugin for live.

So, i do all my processing for live shows via plugins, cuz i cant afford outboard gear. I mainly focus on vocals. I use Wavestrueverb, rverb, weaves SSL EQ, and sometimes a compressor.

but I'm looking for a nice harmonizing plugin , so i can sing and itll process a harmony. I dont care if its perfect, i just need it to be semi transparent and decent parameters.

Harmonizers, and other weird FX modules?

I am usually a no frills guy when it comes to vocals, I just like GOOD vocals.

However I am getting into a lot of work with people who want WEIRD Marylin Manson-ish vocals.

My first thought is the Eventide Harmonizer, but I do not have access to one anymore, and as much as I would like to have one, they are still pricey, or at least all the ones I have seen.