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Lexicon Alpha help

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10 years 6 months

Honestly, I hate jumping on a forum with my first post and immediately getting picked on for not knowing much about this, but i need some help with recording.

Just to start things off, here's my current setup:
-Custom Built PC (originally for games)
Phenom II x3 Processor @ 3.2GHz
8GB DDR3-1333 Crucial RAM
Using Cubase LE5 or Sonar 8

-Lexicon Alpha USB Recording Interface
-Peavey Unity Series 1000 12-Channel Mixer
-Fostex MR-8 Digital Multitrack
-Shure SM57 Mics (3 of them mainly for drums)

I know you hate these threads... how do you get that tone?

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12 years 9 months
It's a good way to exercise your ears so don't complain. This band has always been a secret pleasure of mine, but listening tonight I just realized how good the guitar tone is on this track and on most tracks. What can you decipher by listening? Amps? Cabs? Speakers? Mics? Techniques? Any tips or advice?

I Hate Squealies

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21 years 2 months
Since we were voicing our opinions in another thread about guitar squealies, I thought some might be interested in this retarded effect that I hope I never hear past the obnoxious Pantera song that I was forced to listen to, today. This has got to be the worst tone squeal generator yet. Anyone know who makes this?

The jazz chorus is nice.

Cubase LE 4 hates me : (

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21 years 2 months
Hey everyone,

I'm new to this forum and thought it would be a good place to start asking questions.

I recently purchased a Tascam US-144 with Cubase LE 4 and have been doing home recordings of my band for demo purposes. I'm having a couple problems:

One: Cubase LE crashes when I do anything concerning editing. I'm pretty sure it's up to date so that might not be a problem. It crashes when I try silencing, hitpoint editing, etc...does anyone have that same problem? Or is it just that Cubase LE is horrible...

Compressors without threshold knobs. Love em'? Hate em'?

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21 years 2 months
Compressors without threshold knobs ("fixed threshold").


Personally, they piss me off. I don't "get it". First, why would any manufacturer be so lazy as to omit one knob; whats their motivation? Secondly, why would any consumer of said gear want to use it this way on purpose?

What, if any, is the advantage of this design?

Hate my new TLM 103

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21 years 2 months
I bought a brand new Neumann TLM 103 from Guitar Center a little over a week ago and I really really don't like it. I bought it on GC's no payment for a year plan so it's not even paid off and I already hate it. They also have a no return policy on mics- so what should I do? I've used it as a room mic for electric guitar, for lead male vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, and I'm just really not likin' it...

Trident s20 - Lovers? Haters?

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21 years 2 months
Hey guys. Little home studio question. I'm running with Cubase SX on a PC, with a PreSonus Firepod, a couple xml 603s condensor mics for acoustic guitar, and a Shure ksm27 for vocals. I'm in the market for a two channel (or two one channel) preamp. I was originally thinking to buy two single channel PreSonus Eurekas, but a few people have been steering me towards the two channel Trident s20. Any thoughts?