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FL Studio - Recording problems w/ interface

So, to start things off, I've been recording most of my music over the years on a simple USB mic (AT2020 to be exact), and as faithful as it's been since I've had it, I finally decided to jump to the next level and start working with XLR mics and recently bought an AT4040 (I'm overall very fond of Audio-technica -brand products), along with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd-Gen, One-Input interface.

Problems with Interface?

My apologies if this is obvious to everyone I'm relatively new to recording. I have had some issues with my dynamic mics and 1/4" inputs having no high-end . I have a roland octa-capture thats worked great as an interface and for some reason every time I try using 1/4 or a dynamic mic I just get a really quiet all bass muffled sound.

Problem recording with Saffire 24 interface and Belari mic preamp


Problem recording with Saffire 24 interface and Belari mic preamp. The problem is i want the my Mic about 10 inchs away from my mouth while i monitor through my headphones but i have to turn the mic gain up considerable in order to hear well through headphones, but if i turn up mic gain up the preamp noise increases too much.