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SDC Explained

SDC's by nature exhibit a faster transient response, as well as better stereo imaging and capturing of low frequencies.

LDC Explained

LDC's are slower to respond, due to the added mass of the capsule, comparatively speaking, and have a tendency to color sound more so than an SDC.


LDC - Large Diaphram Condenser

Modifying Blue 8Ball LDC?

I have a blue 8 Ball LDC mic that cost me nothing and that I’m not very keen on. I recorded with it a couple of times on vox, snare and washtub bass I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t completely useless but compared to the mics I have which aren’t multi thousand dollar mics by any means, more like 200-400$ for the main 4-5 I use and then from 120$-and under for the SM57’s and a couple of SDC’s.

LDC Mic Shootout - ISA, T47, T12, C1 Mod, KSM32, KSM44

Hi guys,

Here is a new mic shoutout that includes 3 products from
I had many questions about the mods and the DIY Kits.
Hope you can hear the subtle differences.

I'm still getting used to audio and video productions so your comments are needed and welcome.

Btw, I'm not a signer you might have guessed ;)

LDC for vocals : cardioid vs multi-pattern at the same price


I am trying to make buying choise for LCD aimed at vocal (including voice-over) recordings.

I have I question.. is it common-sense that multi-pattern should cost more then their unipolar variants?

For example: I am looking at two mics of choices and thinking: these two are appreciated by many but one has cardioid only pattern and costs as much as the other that is multi-pattern...

Choosing high quality LDC mics

Hi there

Thanks for all your advice on the other thread. I now have this purchase (2 Distressors) sorted out for the beginning of next month. So that I have adequate time to research and consideration to what I get next, I thought I'd post this kinda early.

I'm in the market for two high quality LDC mics, one of which I should be able to get by around the end of August. I'm aiming for two different ones mainly for vocals but not ruling out other sources. So far, my shortlisted mics are a Neumann U87/ai and a Bock 251.

LDC confusion...

Whatever mic I do go with, it will be going straight into a Steinberg MR816x to pt9 for awhile. (sold a Mackie onyx1220i and got this, and the mic preamp's have a noticeably better overall sound).

The only ldc I currently own is a RØDE nt1a. No big surprise here, but I'm not very happy with this mic for male lead vocals. I want to keep the mic, just to have it for future applications if need be (plus it isn't worth me trying to sell it).

sm81 or josephson c42 ldc for acoustic guitar tracking only

sm81 or josephson c42 sdc for acoustic guitar tracking only

hey all

hope everyone is doing well in the new year. it is way too snowy here in ny.

I havent asked a question in a while so i'm looking forward to hearng from RO opinions on whats up.

i am in need of an new small diaphram condensor to replace a Shure sm81 that i sold a few months back.