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LDC - Large Diaphram Condenser


SDC Explained

SDC's by nature exhibit a faster transient response, as well as better stereo imaging and capturing of low frequencies.

LDC Explained

LDC's are slower to respond, due to the added mass of the capsule, comparatively speaking, and have a tendency to color sound more so than an SDC.

LDC Mic Shootout - ISA, T47, T12, C1 Mod, KSM32, KSM44


Hi guys,

Here is a new mic shoutout that includes 3 products from
I had many questions about the mods and the DIY Kits.
Hope you can hear the subtle differences.

I'm still getting used to audio and video productions so your comments are needed and welcome.

Btw, I'm not a signer you might have guessed ;)