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Linux Compatibility for Sonar 8.5 Producer's

Many moons ago, I won a contest from for a copy of Sonar 8.5 Producer's edition. I have been happily running the software on a Windows 7 desktop.

That machine has gone on to a better place so now I am putting together a new desktop. I am looking into running a Linux system (but may just do a dual OS install for audio).

newbie on linux studio

I'm a complete noob and want to record track by track (me alone) and so some sequencing/looping.
I plan to build the following setup:
1. A linux machine with rt kernel
2. ECHO Audiofire 4 (yet to buy)
3. mic to define (sm 58?, some diy with WM-61A?) to record voice and conga/kalimba/bongo (yet to buy)
4. Line in from Rockman + Guitar

3 daisy-chained 896HDs on Suse 9.3 Pro Linux?

Hi All, I am new to the forums. My question in this post drove me to googlethe problem, and now I stumble upon this gargantuan resource that is called

Nirvana?...No, but close to it. Great forums that have in the last hour answered gazillions of questions that I had from years. So Many thanks to all of you that post/posted over time.