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Too many interfaces daisy-chained


I have a problem...I went a little crazy and got way too many things daisy-chained via USB (midi controlers, interfaces, hard drives) in my studio, including four focusrite 18i20s hoping to be able to get all 32 channels out of them. but I know it was wishful thinking since my 13-inch MacBook running logic won't be able to handle all the data, at least without massacring the sample rate.

logic 6.4.2 with metric halo 2882: clicks

ok. we are using logic 6.4.2 with the metric halo 2882 (8 in and 8 out) interface and experiencing some issues. one of these being clicks on the while recording anything through the analog inputs. all the wiring has been tested so it would seem to be a software issue. also being used is the tc powercore firewire hardware unit without plugins active during recording.