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Studio Recording Mic Choice Help

Hello everyone, I am currently at university studying sound engineering and am conducting some research on microphone choice in the industry. I am calling on anyone with studio recording experience to complete this short questionnaire (~15 minutes) giving your 2 cents on which microphone you would use in specific music recording situations. The link is below if you'd like to give it a crack, any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Recording Vocals - Microphone choices

In the videos I have been producing, we've listened to a number of microphones and how they respond to voice and instruments, but for completeness, we'd not heard them on voices. I'd been working on a little job where I'm creating a stage track for a person I've worked with for years and I always send him the stems, and a guide vocal. He then replaces that with his voice, and does another of just the track which he uses live with a real voice and the tracks. I thought it an opportunity to put out an array of mics and record my vocals on the different mics.

8 inputs / mic lines. What mics would you choose?

scenario; recording to analog tape. 8 mic lines from the studio into 8 mic inputs in C/R. recording bands live. rhythm section, then overdubs, horns if needed, vocals last.

assume there's 5 - sm57's and 2 - 414's in the collection already. we're on a tight budget. what 8 additional mics would you choose for the mic locker?

Renee Zellweger - Judy Garland, bizarre mic choice.

Anyone else seen the publicity shots for the Biopic, showing 'Judy Garland' singing into a ... British Grampian DP4 (or DP-8 - can't see the switch) microphone? Never a good mic, these were omni, had absolutely no warmth whatsoever, no proximity effect and a 'classic' mic that never ever cut it. I have one here sitting in it's original box and it would be the last microphone you'd ever give to somebody who belted - a microgrill mesh, and very horrible on plosive breath.

classical piano recording - mic choices

I'm planning to record my demo CD at school's practice room with baby grand Steinway. The repertoire is just classical piano, such as mozart, beethoven, schumann, brahms, and rachmaninoff. I'll record it with a field recorder H4n. Now i still need to get a good mic (or a pair?) From my research, it seems that some good choices include: Oktava MK-012, Shure SM57, and NT55... they are a little expensive for me though. Do you have any other recommendations? What's the best among these three? Do i really need to get a pair, instead of one? Thank you!

Drum mic choice... Good or bad?

I've been recording a band in six 5hr sessions recently, there style is oriented around thrash metal and so I chose microphones in accordance for the drums, but I think I can get a better sound.
Current choices:

Kick: D112 & Electro-Voice RE20
Toms: Audix D2's & D4s (Top)
Snare: Shure SM57's (top and bottom)
Overheads: AKG C414's (1 mic per cymbal), C1000 for HiHat



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