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micing technique

Micing and Mixing/Mastering Theory/Techniques

I have a home studio Pro Tools setup (setup's in my info). I'm fairly new to the world of Recording and Mixing/Mastering. Here are the mics I have available:
2 - MXL 604 Condensers
2 - Sennheiser MD421 Dynamics
2 - SM57 Dynamics
1 - AKG D-112

I need some suggestions:
I'm waiting to get my amp serviced so I haven't recorded with it yet. When We do, this is How I'll Mic it. Only using the combo NOT the 2x12 cab.
LEFT SIDE - MD421(front) SM57(Back-It's vented)
RIGHT SIDE - SM57(front) MD421(Back)

Studio Images on Micing Techniques

I've setup a Gallery for those that want to share images on different micing methods.

Here is our link:

After a month of testing this software appears to be working well however, suggestions are welcome. Most likely some organizing will be needed on my part as we build it up...

Ambient Micing Techniques

This Sunday I’m recording a chamber ensemble in a 450-seat auditorium. I’ve got my main pair figured out, but thought I would try hanging a pair of microphones off the balcony to record the audience and get some ambient sounds that I can blend into the main mix. These mics would be about 30 feet or so from the lip of the stage. Having never done this, I’d appreciate some advice on ambient micing techniques. I was thinking about hanging a pair of cardioids in ORTF off the center of the balcony. Alternatively, I could hang a pair of spaced omnis (how far apart?).

2 mics cab micing techniques ? ( u87 and sm57 ) Dustbro ?

ok i m micing a 4x12 cab with a sm57 micing the center of the cone, and read that a u87 at the edge of the cone is quiet good for taking low end as a second mic, but there is my question how far from the cab do i put the u87, in which direction, what type of capture do i choose ? ( cardio, omni...), cuz i ve put it at the same distance as the sm57 ( like 3 inchs from the grill ) and the capsule is saturating and the sound is reallllllly bad :), the sm57 is perfect but the u87 is non good placed i think.
Please give me some advices thx ;)

Best Stereo Micing techniques for Guitar?

Hi, I have to record a guitar (acoustic in some songs and spanish in others) and i would like to try stereo micing techniques, which one would you recommend me? (Distance, angle, etc)

I have a couple of Good condenser mic and a couple of 57's, not a good room at all, new strings for both guitar, and a good player.

Thx in advance for your answers


Snare micing techniques


What do you guys use for micing up a snare/and where do you place the Microphone?
I've gotten good results lately with classical top/bottom micing technique with two SM57's into an RNC, but the amount of EQ I am using to get this sound irritates me somewhat. I hear some people mic the snare at the shell I guess this will bring more "crack" into the snare?