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mixing for radio

Internet Radio Stream

I live in Australia. I recently bought some hosting for a ShoutCast radio stream with a server in the UK. Naively, I thought that licensing would be a simple matter. When I looked in to it more closely, I realised that I have to get two different licenses for two different types in of copyright in order to discourage the copyright holders from suing me. It turns out that the hosting and two licenses will cost me about $2,000 US per year. But, the licenses barely allow me to scratch my balls. I can't collect revenue at all so I can't even ask for donations to help me cover costs.

Radio quality?

Hi. I was just wondering how I can get a radio quality sound with the equipment I've got. Here's my list. .

PreSonus firestudio, sterling audio st69 vocal mic, vox guitar amp, drumagog, Sonar home studio 4 and Wavesmercury bundle effects plugins. Do you think I can get radio quality stuff?

Getting song Radio Ready

I've been wondering for the last couple of months why my last song on radio didn't so that clear and powerful as in the studio.

The I found out that quite a few people said that when you send/email or drop your song of for a radio station, that the overall RMS must not be over the -6db range...thus, don't compress or limit your song, but keep the song as is.

I've attached a file where the overall range is say within this -6db limit. What should be the main focus to get this sort of song radio ready, since the song contains quite a few dips below -18db?

Working guide for speaker, producers and engineers (audiobook / radio play)

Hello everyone!

I've searched very long for the right workflow. The resulting workflow can be described not as complete and is constantly evolving. When I look back, as clueless as I worked with Wavelab at First, I must laugh about me - or even ashamed. And maybe I will the current, in turn, smile again.

At first I recorded with Audacity and cut with Wavelab Essential. Then I learned - slowly - to work with Wavelab: Level change, Parametric EQ, time correction, rendering. A great weapon for audio processing!

Need a decent microphone for Radio Ads.

Hey guys! I’m trying to find a decent mic to record some radio ads for our company. (Im not trying to start a professional recording studio, I just need a decent mic that will sound good for a simple vocal radio ad) I already have a MacbookPro and Soundtrack Pro 2. I’ve been reading around and have had a hard time figuring out what mic to get. These are what I was thinking of

Samson C01U USB MIC
Seemed pretty decent to me but some people seemed to give USB mic’s crap.



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