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Monitor Controllers


A device dedicated to controlling the signals that feed a studio's monitors. Functions in a monitor controller may include volume control, selection among multiple sets of monitors, headphone outputs and level control, subwoofer control, monitor dim, monitor mute, monitor solo, talkback switching, a built-in talkback mic, level metering, level matching, surround and stereo monitor control, and more.

New monitor controller, an overview of the PreSonus Monitor Station V2.

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5 years 8 months

I just bought a new monitor controller as my old became bad in time. I had a cheap ESI passive controller. Now I bought the PreSonus Monitor Station V2.

It has two sets of TSR stereo inputs, One S/P Dif coaxial input and aux Unbalanced RCA/ 1/8 inch stereo input. You can connect three sets of monitors and four headphones. The monitor outs have adjusments pots, so you can equal the volume of each set of speaker to each other.

On the headphone side you can choose either the main source or selectable cue source. Volume is adjustable per headphone out.

Passive Monitor Controller- Take 2

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14 years 8 months

Some time ago, I sold my Crane Song Avocet (which was awesome). I was doing less and less music work and more and more electronics, so it was time to simplify. I built a very simple completely passive monitor controller with just the bare minimum features. It was just for me, so it was not pretty but functional. It has a stepped attenuator, polarity, L& R mutes and Mono.

Monitor Controller by Esi - the MoCo.

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5 years 8 months
Today I recieved my MoCo, a monitor controller from the German manufacturer Esi. It is passive and can handle two stereo sources and two pairs of monitors.

It sounds very neutral, and is extremely quiet. It also has L/R swap functionality, mute and mono. Two things to consider: it has no status lights whatsoever and the housing is made of sturdy plastic.

Monitor Controller Recomendation

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5 years 1 month
I'd like to improve my monitoring setup, and one of the things I'd like to have is a Mid/SIDE listening feature, so I'd like to have a controller that allows me to check mid or side content right with a button push.

Right now, I'm DM d-box as monitor controller.
I love d-box. I think that for that money is a stunning device!
I've been doing some test with it to check the quality of its DA.

  1. On one case I use d-box's DA (receiving HEDD's AES output)

Good Band and Ugly Monitor Controllers? What say you?

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14 years
I just got HD 10. I know HAHA I know. So aaaanyway I installed the HD system and now need a monitor controller. Im using the alternate inputs on the Digi 003 as a monitor controller right now in the mean time. What do you use and what would you give it on a scale of 1-10 and why? Im not going to get a 5.1 controller right yet so think stereo. Although I would be interested in building one if it would be worth my time and if someone could help me put a schem together. aaaannnnnnnnnd GO!

external monitor controller with Fireface 800, Samplitude

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21 years 3 months
More learning, new DAW, new equipment coming and sorting out old ways with new.

How would you set up my monitor controlling with with Fireface 800?

ITB monitor mix:
I'm having difficulty adjusting the headphone mix with FireFace 800 and Samplitude /Sequoia 11. Can we do you do it in detail?