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Mid/side processing takes a left/right stereo signal and breaks it up into two separate layers: Mid and Side. Mid/side processing is a highly effective way of making adjustments to the spacialization of a mix or master to make your mix sound full and wide.

M/S and mixing ribbons and condensers - possible phase issues?

I posted recently about a job coming up where I was going to use a condenser mid mic, and a ribbon side mic, and useful piece of information emerged. There was some evidence that as ribbons use a different operational mode there would be a 45 degree phase shift, and this could wreck M/S recordings which use combining channels to produce the stereo channel that can then be adjusted in width after the recording - a useful technique.

Recording in stereo - Real Acoustic Performances

It seemed sensible, before starting to do the video on recording choirs, to explain a little about the differing techniques you can use to record 'real' stereo - as in recording the placement of individual sound sources within a stereo soundfield. Quite different from our usual multitrack method of panning the various tracks to their proper location. Recording with just a pair of microphones means we have to do the job in particular ways - and many of these have 'labels' - X/Y, A/B, ORTF, Blumlein, M/S and many others.

Recommendations for Mid Side Shotgun mic Setup?

So I am fairly new to folly audio recording. I was looking around youtube for how folly artist (from a beginner standpoint) typically would go about getting into folly sound production. One video recommended that I could start with a mid side audio setup for doing stereo and mono sound and recording it into a zoom H4N. So is that what you guys would suggest? And if so what mics under $200 would you suggest (per mic)? Also if you have a good suggestion for mounting for being on a budget that would be good as well!

M/S Reverb

Hey I recently took up on a $15 upgrade to the latest version of D16 ‘Toraverb’ reverb plugin. Among a few other new options the main thing I found enticing is the M/S feature. Which allows you adjust mid and side parameters for early and late reflections separately.

“The signal from Early and Late reverberation modules is blended together in the Mixer, which provides, apart from controlled Levels, also Stereo Balance parameters for both reflection types, which can work in L-R or M-S domain.” (Quite from a write up)

Work showcase ; Live recording audio/video with M/S and T47

Hi guys,

We had this category a while back called showcase your work.
It's been a while since I presented a recording on my own and after a while commenting on others, I thought I was due to post something

This has been done with a friend last night. One take voc/guitar live recording with an added back vocal.
Very little mixing done.
I know it's not perfect but it's always fun to hear what you get from a recording setup and not from hours of mixing.
Comments are welcome ! ;)

Details :

Imaging Problems M/S Mastering

Hi dear recording community,

i'm new, and i'm from abroad so please forgive my english.
right to the problem:

i have mixed a track and, for the first time, tried M/S for mastering, but it didn't work right.
the imaging changed drastically and went to one side.
the mid group as well as the side group channel are both fine when soloed,
however when both play the imaging changes.

here's how i set it up:

i disabled the mixed track's routing to stereo out
i created two stereo groups (mid and side)


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