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How to record multiple multi-track songs Easily in Garageband

I am recording my band's rehearsals (and possible gigs down the road) using a Tascam US-16x8 and Garageband. I am using multiple tracks. and for the first attemp recorded the whole rehearsal as one project. I have used Audacity in the past (2 tracks) and it was easy to then mix and extract the different songs. I cannot figure it out in Garageband.

High Frequency Limiter/Multi-band Compressor

Anyone have any recommendations to tame highs in Mastering. I'm looking at a Drawmer 1973 right now because of my budget. Trying to stay out of the digital realm right now and do most if not all my processing in the analog realm. I'm also considering saving up for a Weiss Unit or a Maslec MBC. Any suggestions for outboard gear?

Universal Audio Releases Apollo Multi-Unit Support Over Thunderbolt for Windows 10 Systems

Universal Audio Releases Apollo Multi-Unit Support Over Thunderbolt for Windows 10 Systems

— UAD Software v9.1 also features Console 2 software support to users of multiple Apollo FireWire interfaces and fully qualified macOS Sierra for all Apollo and UAD-2 platforms —

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA • March 14, 2017 — Universal Audio, a leading manufacturer of professional audio recording hardware and software, have released multi-unit support for their award-winning line of Apollo audio interfaces for Windows 10 systems.

Clear Channel’s multi-platform network connects 243 million listeners each month


Clear Channel Media and Entertainment offers unique digital assets with massive reach to create innovative campaigns and programs for key advertising and marketing partners, while providing world-class programming and events for its listeners.

PC Multi-Track Recording from multiple sources

Hello all. Kyle Vegas here. Brand new to your community and hoping to expand my knowledge over time. I found your forum by searching the very question I'm about to ask, which was asked elsewhere but I wasn't very clear on the results of the discussion. I'll double this question as an intro to my experience with audio and what I'm working on at the moment.

good multi-channel A/D converters?


I have been using the converters that come standard with my HD24 (I typically run 44.1k, using an external clock) for some time. No real complaints, but I am thinking of upgrading my converters.

I am looking for a single space unit (yes, this is a remote rig) that will do 16 or even 24 ch AD. Eight channels won't do it, as I typically run between 8 and 16 channels.

LDC for vocals : cardioid vs. multi-pattern at the same price


I am trying to make buying choise for LCD aimed at vocal (including voice-over) recordings.

I have I question.. is it common-sense that multi-pattern should cost more then their unipolar variants?

For example: I am looking at two mics of choices and thinking: these two are appreciated by many but one has cardioid only pattern and costs as much as the other that is multi-pattern...

Choosing the right Preamp/Multi-track recording hardware? HELP

Hi.. Ive been recording vocals/guitar/keyboard and a bit of drums for almost 2 years now, but I use a soundcraft board which runs through the "Line in" audio on my computer. My issue is when I record multiple tracks at the same time they have to be PERFECT in equalization because they all record to the same track. I'm looking to buy a new preamp system or multi track recording hardware to overcome this issue.



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