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multi-pattern microphones

EQ tube mic

I'm in the process of searching for a workhorse, multipattern tube mic to fill a sonic hole in my mic cabinet. The "hole" is in the low mids to mostly quality low end. In my search I've been torn between the classic 251, 67 and 47 sound characteristics. The uses will be the full range of male/female vocals, acoustic instruments and room mic. Not asking much right?

LDC for vocals : cardioid vs multi-pattern at the same price


I am trying to make buying choise for LCD aimed at vocal (including voice-over) recordings.

I have I question.. is it common-sense that multi-pattern should cost more then their unipolar variants?

For example: I am looking at two mics of choices and thinking: these two are appreciated by many but one has cardioid only pattern and costs as much as the other that is multi-pattern...

I like my new Blue Microphone Multipattern Reactor

Studio recording is always very important for the vocals. This is the key of one good track. I think for the vocals [=" Blue Microphone Multipattern Reactor[/]="http://usbmicrophon… Blue Microphone Multipattern Reactor[/] is a good solution for vocalist. This is a idol mic for duet singing.

ribbon or multi pattern LDC?

Hello all,

I'm looking to expand my capabilities by getting a multi pattern mic, and am leaning toward either an AT 4050, which I can get for $700, or a Royer r-101 which will run me $800. Because of their construction, they're different animals, so I want to get some opinions on which direction to head.

I'm a singer/songwriter type. Vocals, AC guitar, Electric guitar, shakers, and other noismakers. Most of the other instruments are done in Reason. I have built a studio-one room is done and the other in progress-and it's sounding quite good.

Single vs. Multi-pattern mics

I own a Shure KSM32 which I'm quite happy with. I am considering getting a second one. However, I'm wondering what recording situations I'm going to short change myself on by not moving up to the KSM44 which has more available patterns. If possible can somebody tell me stuff like "if you want to use it as a drum 'room' mic, you'll want more than the simple cardioid pattern ..." and maybe some other examples . ?